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  1. laboriousadj.Toilsome
  2. labyrinthn.A maze
  3. laceratev.To tear rudely or raggedly
  4. lackadaisicaladj.Listless
  5. lactationn.The secretion of milk
  6. lactealadj.Milky
  7. lacticadj.Pertaining to milk
  8. laddien.A lad
  9. ladlen.A cup-shaped vessel with a long handle, intended for dipping up and pouring liquids
  10. laggardadj.Falling behind
  11. landholdern.Landowner
  12. landlordn.A man who owns and lets a tenement or tenements
  13. landmarkn.A familiar object in the landscape serving as a guide to an area otherwise easily lost track of
  14. landscapen.A rural view, especially one of picturesque effect, as seen from a distance or an elevation
  15. languidadj.Relaxed
  16. languorn.Lassitude of body or depression
  17. lapsen.A slight deviation from what is right, proper, or just
  18. lasciviousadj.Lustful
  19. lassien.A little lass
  20. latentadj.Dormant
  21. latencyn.The state of being dormant
  22. lateradv.At a subsequent time
  23. lateraladj.Directed toward the side
  24. latishadj.Rather late
  25. latticen.Openwork of metal or wood, formed by crossing or interlacing strips or bars
  26. laudv.To praise in words or song
  27. laudableadj.Praiseworthy
  28. laudationn.High praise
  29. laudatoryadj.Pertaining to, expressing, or containing praise
  30. laundressn.Washerwoman
  31. laureateadj.Crowned with laurel, as a mark of distinction
  32. lavev.To wash or bathe
  33. lawgivern.A legislator
  34. lawmakern.A legislator
  35. laxadj.Not stringent or energetic
  36. laxativeadj.Having power to open or loosen the bowels
  37. lean.A field
  38. leafletn.A little leaf or a booklet
  39. leavenv.To make light by fermentation, as dough
  40. leewardn.That side or direction toward which the wind blows
  41. left-handedadj.Using the left hand or arm more dexterously than the right
  42. legacyn.A bequest
  43. legalizev.To give the authority of law to
  44. leggingn.A covering for the leg
  45. legibleadj.That may be read with ease
  46. legionaryn.A member of an ancient Roman legion or of the modern French Legion of Honor
  47. legislatev.To make or enact a law or laws
  48. legislativeadj.That makes or enacts laws
  49. legislatorn.A lawgiver
  50. legitimacyn.Accordance with law
  51. legitimateadj.Having the sanction of law or established custom
  52. leisuren.Spare time
  53. leniencyn.Forbearance
  54. lenientadj.Not harsh
  55. leonineadj.Like a lion
  56. lethargyn.Prolonged sluggishness of body or mind
  57. leveen.An embankment beside a river or stream or an arm of the sea, to prevent overflow
  58. levern.That which exerts, or through which one may exert great power
  59. leviathann.Any large animal, as a whale
  60. levityn.Frivolity
  61. levyv.To impose and collect by force or threat of force
  62. lewdadj.Characterized by lust or lasciviousness
  63. lexicographern.One who makes dictionaries
  64. lexicographyn.The making of dictionaries
  65. lexiconn.A dictionary
  66. liableadj.Justly or legally responsible
  67. libeln.Defamation
  68. liberalismn.Opposition to conservatism
  69. liberatev.To set free or release from bondage
  70. licentiousadj.Wanton
  71. licitadj.Lawful
  72. liegeadj.Sovereign
  73. lienn.A legal claim or hold on property, as security for a debt or charge
  74. lieun.Stead
  75. lifelikeadj.Realistic
  76. lifelongadj.Lasting or continuous through life
  77. lifetimen.The time that life continues
  78. ligamentn.That which binds objects together
  79. ligaturen.Anything that constricts, or serves for binding or tying
  80. light-heartedadj.Free from care
  81. ligneousadj.Having the texture of appearance of wood
  82. likelihoodn.A probability
  83. likelyadj.Plausible
  84. likingn.Fondness
  85. limitationn.A restriction
  86. linearadj.Of the nature of a line
  87. linern.A vessel belonging to a steamship-line
  88. lingon.Language
  89. linguan.The tongue
  90. lingualadj.Pertaining to the use of the tongue in utterance
  91. linguistn.One who is acquainted with several languages
  92. linguisticsn.The science of languages, or of the origin, history, and significance of words
  93. linimentn.A liquid preparation for rubbing on the skin in cases of bruises, inflammation, etc
  94. liquefacientadj.Possessing a liquefying nature or power
  95. liquefyv.To convert into a liquid or into liquid form
  96. liqueurn.An alcoholic cordial sweetened and flavored with aromatic substances
  97. liquidatev.To deliver the amount or value of
  98. liquorn.Any alcoholic or intoxicating liquid
  99. listlessadj.Inattentive
  100. literacyn.The state or condition of knowing how to read and write
  101. literaladj.Following the exact words
  102. literaturen.The written or printed productions of the human mind collectively
  103. litheadj.Supple
  104. lithesomeadj.Nimble
  105. lithographn.A print made by printing from stone
  106. lithotypen.In engraving, an etched stone surface for printing
  107. litigantn.A party to a lawsuit
  108. litigatev.To cause to become the subject-matter of a suit at law
  109. litigiousadj.Quarrelsome
  110. littoraladj.Of, pertaining to, or living on a shore
  111. liturgyn.A ritual
  112. livelihoodn.Means of subsistence
  113. lividadj.Black-and-blue, as contused flesh
  114. loamn.A non-coherent mixture of sand and clay
  115. loathadj.Averse
  116. loathev.To abominate
  117. locativeadj.Indicating place, or the place where or wherein an action occurs
  118. lochn.A lake
  119. locomotionn.The act or power of moving from one place to another
  120. loden.A somewhat continuous unstratified metal- bearing vein
  121. lodgmentn.The act of furnishing with temporary quarters
  122. logicn.The science of correct thinking
  123. logicaladj.Capable of or characterized by clear reasoning
  124. logiciann.An expert reasoner
  125. loiterern.One who consumes time idly
  126. lonelinessn.Solitude
  127. longevityn.Unusually prolonged life
  128. lootv.To plunder
  129. loquaciousadj.Talkative
  130. lordlingn.A little lord
  131. loughn.A lake or loch
  132. lousen.A small insect parasitic on and sucking the blood of mammals
  133. lovableadj.Amiable
  134. low-spiritedadj.Despondent
  135. lowlyadv.Rudely
  136. lucidadj.Mentally sound
  137. lucrativeadj.Highly profitable
  138. ludicrousadj.Laughable
  139. luminaryn.One of the heavenly bodies as a source of light
  140. luminescentadj.Showing increase of light
  141. luminescencen.Showing increase
  142. luminosityn.The quality of giving or radiating light
  143. luminousadj.Giving or radiating light
  144. lunacyn.Mental unsoundness
  145. lunaradj.Pertaining to the moon
  146. lunaticn.An insane person
  147. lunen.The moon
  148. luridadj.Ghastly and sensational
  149. lusciousadj.Rich, sweet, and delicious
  150. lustrousadj.Shining
  151. luxuriancen.Excessive or superfluous growth or quantity
  152. luxuriantadj.Abundant or superabundant in growth
  153. luxuriatev.To live sumptuously
  154. lyingn.Untruthfulness
  155. lyren.One of the most ancient of stringed instruments of the harp class
  156. lyricadj.Fitted for expression in song

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