File Extensions

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File Extensions Z

  1. .Z Compressed Archive File
  2. .Z? See .ZL? Below
  3. .Z3 Infocom Game Module
  4. .ZAP FileWrangler Compressed File (only used in beta) MS WindowsSoftware Installation Settings
  5. .ZC Zipkey Configuration File
  6. .ZDG ZView Compressed Document
  7. .ZER Zerberus File
  8. .ZFS C++ Assembly Source
  9. .ZGM ZenoGraphics File
  10. .ZIM PagePath Technologies Compressed Mac File
  11. .ZIP Compressed Archive File
  12. .ZL? ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed File ZoneAlarm Mailsafe will quarantinemail attachments and changes their extension. The conversions are: .ADE to .ZL0, .ADP to .ZL1
  13. .BAS to .ZL2, .BAT to .ZL3, .CHM to .ZL4, .CMD to .ZL5, .COM to
  14. .ZL6, .CPL to .ZL7, .CRT to .ZL8, .EXE to .ZL9, .HLP to .ZLA,
  15. .HTA to .ZLB, .INF to .ZLC, .INS to .ZLD, .ISP to .ZLE, .JS to Z0,
  16. .JSE to .ZLF, .LNK to .ZLG, .MDB to .ZLH, .MDE to .ZLI, .MSC to
  17. .ZLJ, .MSI to .ZLK, .MSP to .ZLL, .MST to .ZLM, .PCD to .ZLN,
  18. .PIF to .ZLO, .REG to .ZLP, .SCR to .ZLQ, .SCT to .ZLR, .SHS to
  19. .ZLS, .URL to .ZLT, .VB to .Z1, .VBE to .ZLU, .VBS to .ZLV,
  20. .WSC to .ZLW, .WSF to .ZLX, .WSH to .ZLY [Documentation]
  21. .ZM? ZSNES Movie (? = number of the movie)
  22. .ZMK Z-Up Maker Project File
  23. .ZOM Amiga Compressed Archive File
  24. .ZOO Compressed Archive File
  25. .ZVD ZyXEL Voice File
  26. .ZW Chinese

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