File Extensions

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File Extensions G

  1. .G3 G3 FAX File [Viewer]
  2. .G32 GFA BASIC 32 Program File
  3. .G3F Zetafax TIFF File (fine resolution)
  4. .G3N Zetafax TIFF File (normal resolution)
  5. .G4 GTX RasterCAD File
  6. .GAL Gallery of Pictures Corel Multimedia Manager Album
  7. .GAM GammaFax Fax Document
  8. .GB Chinese Nintendo GameBoy Emulator ROM Image File
  9. .GBC Nintendo GameBoy Color Emulator ROM Image File
  10. .GBK Interbase Database Backup
  11. .GBL VAXTPU Global Definitions (VAXTPU is default OpenVMS editor)
  12. .GC Sierra Print Artist File
  13. .GC1 Golden Common Lisp Source Code
  14. .GC3 Golden Common Lisp Source Code
  15. .GCA GOCA Graphics File
  16. .GCD Generic CADD Drawing
  17. .GCF WinXComp Grouped Compressed File
  18. .GCI GTA2 Game File
  19. .GCP Ground Control Point File (map projection)
  20. .GDB Interbase Database
  21. .GDM Bells, Whistles, and Sound Boards Module
  22. .GDS Image File
  23. .GED GEDCOM Family History File Graphic Environment Document Arts &Letters Graphics File
  24. .GEM GEM (a desktop interface) File Ventura Publisher Vector Graphics
  25. .GEN Ventura-Generated Text File Chromeleon Generic Driver ConfigurationdBase Application Generator Compiled Template
  26. .GEO VideoScope File Geoworks Geode
  27. .GFC Patton & Patton Flowcharting 4 File
  28. .GFI Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
  29. .GFT NeoPaint Font
  30. .GFX Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
  31. .GHO Symantec Ghost Disk Image File
  32. .GID Windows Help Index File
  33. .GIF Graphic Interchange Format [Viewer]
  34. .GIM Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
  35. .GIX Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
  36. .GKH Ensoniq EPS Family Disk Image
  37. .GKS Gravis GripKey Document
  38. .GL GRASP - Graphical System for Presentation File
  39. .GLY MS Word Glossary
  40. .GMP GTA2 Game File
  41. .GMR Schlafhorst Automation Graphical Monitor Record
  42. .GNA Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
  43. .GNO Genopro Genealogy Document File
  44. .GNT Micro Focus Generated Code
  45. .GNX Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
  46. .GOC Geoworks Goc Source Code
  47. .GOH Geoworks Goc Header
  48. .GP Geoworks Glue Geode Parameter File
  49. .GP3 CCITT Group 3 File (fax)
  50. .GP4 CCITT Group 4 File (fax)
  51. .GPF Believed to be a Japanese graphic file
  52. .GPH Lotus 1-2-3 Graph
  53. .GPK Omnigo Program Package [Added Info]
  54. .GPP GraphPap Graph Paper File Serif GraphicsPlus Object
  55. .GR2 Windows 3.0 Screen Driver
  56. .GR3 Windows 3.0 Screen Grabber
  57. .GRA Flight Simulator File MS Graph Chart SigmaPlot Data File
  58. .GRB MS-DOS Shell Monitor
  59. .GRD Gradebook Power File Map Projection Grid File
  60. .GRF Graph Golden Software Graph File Grafix Idea File
  61. .GRP Program Manager Group
  62. .GRY Picture File
  63. .GSM Raw GSM 6.10 Audio Stream US Robotics Modem File
  64. .GSP Geometer's Sketchpad Material File
  65. .GT2 Graoumftracker Music Module (new)
  66. .GTK Graoumftracker Music Module (old)
  67. .GTY Gibson Tray File
  68. .GUP PopMail Data
  69. .GWP Greetings WorkShop File [Now MS Picture It!]
  70. .GWX Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
  71. .GWZ Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
  72. .GX1 Show Partner Graphics File
  73. .GX2 Show Partner Graphics File
  74. .GXL Genus Graphics Library
  75. .GXT GTA2 Game File
  76. .GZ Gzip Compressed Archive

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