File Extensions

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File Extensions Sym

  1. .### Temporary File
  2. .#24 Locoscript 24-pin Printer Data File
  3. .#IB Locoscript Dot Matrix Data File
  4. .#SC Locoscript Dot Matrix Data File
  5. .#ST Locoscript Dot Matrix Printer Definition File
  6. .$$$ Temporary File (various)
  7. .$$A OS/2
  8. .$$F OS/2 Database
  9. .$$P OS/2 Notes
  10. .$$S OS/2 Spreadsheet
  11. .$D$ OS/2 Planner Data File
  12. .$DB dBase Temp File
  13. .$ED MS C/C++ Temporary Editor File
  14. .$LN Borland C++ TLink Response File
  15. .$VM MS Windows Virtual Manager Temp File
  16. .@@@ Screen Files (shown during various installations)
  17. ._DD Norton Disk Doctor Recovered File
  18. ._DM Nuts n Bolts Disk Minder Recovered File (Helix Software now part ofMcAfee)
  19. .?q? Squeeze
  20. .??? ANY three character audio file: May be a dictation file where the
  21. extension is the dictator's initials; playable by BCB Voice Systems
  22. software.
  23. .~ Temporary File
  24. .~AP Borland C++ AppExpert Project Database File
  25. .~DE Borland C++ Project Backup File
  26. .~DF Borland Delphi Backup File
  27. .~DP Borland Delphi Backup File
  28. .~MN Norton Menu Backup
  29. .~PA Borland Delphi Backup File
  30. .~PR Terramodel Project Backup
  31. .~SG TapCIS Message Index File
  32. .~$~ 1st Reader Temporary File

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