File Extensions

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File Extensions Q

  1. .Q9Q BladePro Graphic Plugin File
  2. .QAD PF QuickArt Document
  3. .QAG Norton Desktop Quick Access Group
  4. .QAP Omnis Quartz Application File
  5. .QBB QuickBooks for Windows Backup File
  6. .QBD Keyboard Layout
  7. .QBE Example Query (Query By Example) dBase IV Saved Query Quattro ProSaved Query
  8. .QBO dBase IV Ordered Query
  9. .QBS MS Quick Basic Program File
  10. .QBW QuickBooks for Windows File
  11. .QCP Qualcomm PureVoice File
  12. .QD? Omnis Quartz Data File Segment (can be 0 to 9)
  13. .QDF Quicken Data File
  14. .QDI Dictionary
  15. .QDK Quarterdeck QEMM File
  16. .QDT QuickBooks UK Accountancy Data File
  17. .QEF Excel Query
  18. .QEL Quicken Electronic Library File
  19. .QEP IRMA Wordstation for Windows
  20. .QFL Family Lawyer Document
  21. .QFX Quick Link Fax
  22. .QIC Backup Set
  23. .QIF Quicken Interchange Format QuickTime Image
  24. .QLB MS C Quick Library
  25. .QLC PostScript Help File
  26. .QLP QuickLink Printer Driver
  27. .QM Quality Motion File
  28. .QM4 QMail Mail Door Option or Services File
  29. .QMT Quicken Memorized List
  30. .QNT Chromeleon Quantification Method
  31. .QNX Quicken Indexes
  32. .QPR OS/2 Printer Queue Driver Foxpro Relational Query
  33. .QPW Quattro Pro Project File
  34. .QPX Foxpro Ordered Query
  35. .QQT Quick Qard Technology Qardware Definition File
  36. .QRP Centura Report Builder File Liberty for Windows Report File
  37. .QRS WordPerfect Equation Editor
  38. .QRT QRT Ray Tracing Graphic
  39. .QRY dBase IV Query MS Query
  40. .QSC Pxyl Visuals Chart
  41. .QSD Quicken Datafile
  42. .QST Quake Spy Tab File
  43. .QT Quicktime Video
  44. .QTI QuickTime Image
  45. .QTM QuickTime Movie
  46. .QTP QuickTime Preferences
  47. .QTS Macintosh PICT Image QuickTime Image
  48. .QTX QuickTime Image
  49. .QUE Task Scheduler Queue Object CuteFTP Queue File
  50. .QW Symantec Q&A Write Program File [Support]
  51. .QWB MS Money Quotes WriteBack Import File
  52. .QWK QWK Reader Message File
  53. .QWP Quiptics Puzzle File
  54. .QXD Quark Xpress File
  55. .QXL Quark Xpress Element Library
  56. .QXT Quark Xpress Template File

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