File Extensions

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File Extensions R

  1. .R Pegasus Mail Resource File Progress Compiled Program File
  2. .R?? RAR Compressed File (?? can be 01 to 99)
  3. .R8 RAW Graphic File
  4. .R8L LaserJet Landscape Font
  5. .R8P LaserJet Portrait Font
  6. .RA RealMedia File [Viewer]
  7. .RAM RealMedia Metafile
  8. .RAR RAR Compressed Archive
  9. .RAS Sun Raster Graphic [Viewer]
  10. .RAT Rating System File
  11. .RAW RAW RGB 24-bit Graphic Raw Signed PCM Data
  12. .RAX Image File
  13. .RB RocketEdition File
  14. .RB1 R:Base Data File
  15. .RB2 R:Base Data File
  16. .RB3 R:Base Data File
  17. .RBF R:Base Data File
  18. .RBH RoboHelp Configuration
  19. .RC Borland C++ Resource Compiler Script File
  20. .RD1 Descent1 Registered Level File
  21. .RD3 Ray Dream Designer Graphics CorelDream 3D
  22. .RD4 Ray Dream Designer Graphics
  23. .RD5 Ray Dream Designer Graphics
  24. .RDB TrueVector Rules Database
  25. .RDF Resource Description Framework File Chromeleon Report Definition
  26. .RDL Descent Registered Level RadioDestiny Radio Stream
  27. .RDX Reflex Data File
  28. .REC Sprint Record File Windows Recorder Macro RapidComm Voice File
  29. .REF Cross Reference
  30. .REG Registration Data
  31. .REM Annotation (remark)
  32. .REP Text Document
  33. .REQ Request
  34. .RES Resource File (various programs)
  35. .REX REXX Program File Oracle Report Definition
  36. .REZ Resources
  37. .RF Sun Raster Graphic RealFlash Clip
  38. .RFD RecogniFORM Form Definition
  39. .RFG RFG Integrator System Database
  40. .RFH RFG Integrator Householding Database
  41. .RFT Revisable Format Text
  42. .RGB Picture File
  43. .RI Lotus File
  44. .RIA Alpharel Group IV Raster Graphics File
  45. .RIC Ricoh Graphic File
  46. .RIF Fractal Painter Bitmap
  47. .RIP Remote Imaging Protocol
  48. .RIX Colorix File RIX Virtual Screen
  49. .RL1 Descent1 Registered Level File
  50. .RL2 Descent2 Registered Level
  51. .RLA Advanced Visualizer File Wavefront Raster Image
  52. .RLB Harvard Graphic File (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
  53. .RLC Image Systems CAD Overlay
  54. .RLE Graphic (Run Length Encoded) [Viewer]
  55. .RM RealMedia File
  56. .RMD RegMaid Document
  57. .RMF Rich Map Format (3D Games)
  58. .RMI MIDI File [Viewer]
  59. .RMK RMake Make File
  60. .RMM RealPlayer File
  61. .RND AutoCAD Rendering Slide AutoShade Format
  62. .RNL GTX Runlength Raster Graphics
  63. .RNX RealPlayer File
  64. .ROL Adlib Music
  65. .ROV Rescue Rover Data
  66. .RP RealPix Clip
  67. .RPB Automotive Diagnostic File
  68. .RPD Rapidfile Database
  69. .RPM RedHat Package Manager (Linux) RealMedia Player File
  70. .RPT Report (various)
  71. .RQY MS Excel OLE DB Query File
  72. .RR Railroad Tycoon
  73. .RRS Road Rash Save File
  74. .RSB Rogue Spear Bitmap
  75. .RSF Mediafour MacDrive Macintosh Resource Fork
  76. .RSL PC Tools Resources Library Borland's Paradox 7 Report AdobePagemaker File
  77. .RSN Propellerhead Reason Audio File
  78. .RSP Responce Text File Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
  79. .RSS Rockwell Logix 500 SLC-5 Software
  80. .RT RealText Clip
  81. .RTA RoboHelp Configuration
  82. .RTF Rich Text Format
  83. .RTK RoboHelp Configuration
  84. .RTL Text File
  85. .RTM Real Tracker Music Module
  86. .RTP TurboTax Update File
  87. .RTS RoboHelp Configuration RealAudio RTSL Document
  88. .RTX Reliacast Audience Manager Turnstile
  89. .RUL InstallShield
  90. .RUN PC Tools Script Tools Program
  91. .RV RealVideo Clip
  92. .RVP Microsoft Scan Configuration File
  93. .RX Reflex Database Driver
  94. .RXD Reflex Database
  95. .RXH Reflex Database Help File
  96. .RXR Reflex Database Report
  97. .RXS Reflex Database Screen Driver

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