File Extensions

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File Extensions S

  1. .S Assembler Source Code
  2. .S$$ Temporary Sort File
  3. .S01 WordPerfect Distribution File
  4. .S02 WordPerfect Distribution File
  5. .S03 WordPerfect Distribution File
  6. .S2P Sonnet File
  7. .S3I ScreamTracker v3 Instrument
  8. .S3M ScreamTracker v3 Module ScreamTracker v3 Sound File
  9. .SAD Serveron Analyzer Data File
  10. .SAH SETI@Home Data File
  11. .SAM Ami Pro Text File Signed 8-bit Sample Data
  12. .SAN The Curse of Monkey Island Movie File
  13. .SAT ACIS Solid Model (any ACIS-based CAD program)
  14. .SAV Backup Saved File (various)
  15. .SB Audio File Raw Signed Byte (8-bit) Data
  16. .SBF Superbase 95 File
  17. .SBK Emu SoundFont v1.x Bank Files Superbase 95 File Creative Labs SBAWE 32
  18. .SBL Shockwave Flash Object
  19. .SBP Superbase DML Program
  20. .SC Framework Screen Driver Paradox Source Code Ingres Embedded SQL/CSource File
  21. .SC2 Sample Cell II PC Instrument Schedule+ File SAS Catalog
  22. .SC3 Harvard Screen Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
  23. .SCC Text File Stamp Collector's Girl Friday Catalog File Source SafeFile
  24. .SCD Graphic (SCODL Scan Conversion Object Description Language)Schedule+ File TurboTax Schedule File
  25. .SCE SoftCuisine Data Exchange File
  26. .SCF Windows Explorer Command
  27. .SCH Schedule+ File EAGLE Schematic File OrCad Schematics File
  28. .SCI ScanVec Inspire File
  29. .SCL SCALA Scale
  30. .SCM SchematicMaker (Topanga Software) File ScreenCam Movie
  31. .SCN Compressed Screen format TrueSpace2 Scene
  32. .SCO High Score (various)
  33. .SCP Script (various)
  34. .SCR Faxview Fax Screen Saver Procomm Plus Screen Snapshot File ScriptLocoScript Screen Font File
  35. .SCT Foxpro Screen PC Tools Script Tools Scitex Continuous Tone BitmapSAS Catalog Windows Script Component Lotus Screen Capture Text
  36. .SCV ScanVec CASmate File
  37. .SCX MS FoxPro Screen File Image File
  38. .SD Sound Designer I Audio
  39. .SD2 Sound Designer II Flattened File Sound Designer II Data Fork SASDatabase
  40. .SDA StarOffice Drawing SoftCuisine Data Archive
  41. .SDC StarOffice Spreadsheet
  42. .SDD StarOffice Presentation
  43. .SDF Standard Data Format Schedule Data File System File Format AutodeskMapGuide Spatial Data Files
  44. .SDK Roland S-series Floppy Disk Image Autosketch Drawing
  45. .SDL SmartDraw Library
  46. .SDN Shell Archive
  47. .SDR SmartDraw Drawing
  48. .SDS StarOffice Chart Raw Midi Sample Dump Standard File
  49. .SDT SmartDraw Template
  50. .SDV Semicolon Divided Values File
  51. .SDW StarOffice Text Raw Signed DWord (32-bit) Data Lotus WordProGraphic
  52. .SDX Midi Sample Dump Standard Files Compacted by SDX
  53. .SEA Macintosh Compressed Archive File
  54. .SEC Compressed Archive File PGP Secret Key Ring
  55. .SEG Compressed File Segment
  56. .SEL PaintShop Pro Selection File
  57. .SEP TIFF Bitmap Separation
  58. .SEQ Animation File Chromeleon Sequence List
  59. .SES Digital Audio Editor File
  60. .SET Driver Set Image Settings Backup File Set Configuration (various)
  61. .SEX Urban Chaos Game File
  62. .SF Sound File OS/2 WPS Attribute Storage IRCAM SoundFile
  63. .SF2 Emu SoundFont v2.0 File Creative Labs Soundfont 2.0 Bank File
  64. .SFD SoundStage Sound File Data
  65. .SFE Split Files Shell Extension
  66. .SFI Ventura Printer Font SoundStage Sound File Info
  67. .SFL Ventura Printer Font LaserJet Landscape Font
  68. .SFP Ventura Printer Font LaserJet Portrait Font
  69. .SFR Sonic Foundry Sample Resource
  70. .SFS StarOffice Frame PCL 5 Scalable Font
  71. .SFT Chiwriter Screen Font
  72. .SFV QuickSFV/WinSFV Checksum File
  73. .SFW Graphic File (Seattle Film Works) [Viewer]
  74. .SFX Self-extracting Archive
  75. .SGF Smart Game Format
  76. .SGI Graphic File [Viewer]
  77. .SGL StarOffice Master Document
  78. .SH Archive File
  79. .SH3 Harvard Presentation (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
  80. .SHB Corel Background File Document Shortcut File
  81. .SHG Hotspot Editor Hypergraphic
  82. .SHK Macintosh Compressed Archive File
  83. .SHM WordPerfect Shell Macro
  84. .SHN Shorten Audio Compression File [Additional]
  85. .SHP 3D Studio Shapes File 3D Modeling File (various)
  86. .SHR Archive File
  87. .SHS Shell Scrap Object File
  88. .SHW Corel Presentation WordPerfect Slide Show Show File
  89. .SHX AutoCAD Shape Entities
  90. .SI SoftImage Image File
  91. .SIB Sibelius Music File
  92. .SIG Signature File
  93. .SIK Backup File
  94. .SIM Simulation
  95. .SIT Macintosh Compressed Archive File
  96. .SIZ Oracle 7 Configuration
  97. .SJF Split Files Shell Extension
  98. .SKA PGP Secret Keyring
  99. .SKB QuickPOS (Point-Of-Sale) Standard Keyboard Layout File
  100. .SKL Authorware Resource
  101. .SKN FileWrangler/SecurDesk!/ImageForge Graphic Skin eRocket eBook Skin
  102. .SL S-Lang Program File PACT's Save Layout
  103. .SLB AutoCAD Slide Library
  104. .SLC Telix Compiler SALT Script
  105. .SLD AutoCAD Slide
  106. .SLDASM Solidworks File
  107. .SLDDRW Solidworks File
  108. .SLG Chromeleon Audit Trail
  109. .SLK Data Exchange File (Symbolic Link)
  110. .SLT Telix SALT Script Application
  111. .SM Smalltalk Program File
  112. .SM Samna Word Text File
  113. .SM3 DataCAD Symbol File
  114. .SMC Super Nintendo Game-console ROM Image [See ZNES or SNES9x]
  115. .SMD StarOffice Mail
  116. .SMF StarOffice Formula
  117. .SMI RealPlay SMIL File
  118. .SMK Smacker Compressed File
  119. .SMM Ami Pro Macro
  120. .SMP Sample or Samplevision Format Ad Lib Gold Sample
  121. .SMT HiPer-Six Memo File
  122. .SND Sound Clip [Viewer] Raw Unsigned PCM Data AKAI MPC-series SampleNeXT Sound Macintosh Sound Resource
  123. .SNG MIDI Song
  124. .SNM Netscape Mail
  125. .SNO SNOBOL Program File
  126. .SNP Shapshot file (Snapview)
  127. .SOA Sage MAS 90 Accounting Software File
  128. .SOU SB Studio II Sound
  129. .SP Compressed Archive File
  130. .SPC Multiplan Program WordPerfect Temp File SNES Audio file
  131. .SPD Harvard Bitstream Typefaces (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)PostScript Printer Mini-driver Speech Data File Speedo Scalable Font
  132. .SPG Sprint Glossary
  133. .SPL Compressed Archive File Printer Spool File Sprint Printer DriverSample File Spell Checker Digitrakker Sample (by n-FaCToR) ShockwaveFlash Object Split Files Shell Extension
  134. .SPM WordPerfect File
  135. .SPN WordPerfect Distribution File
  136. .SPP Sprint Printer File Serif PhotoPlus Native Format File
  137. .SPR Sprint Document Letter Foxpro Generated Screen Program
  138. .SPS Sprint Screen Driver
  139. .SPT SPITBOL Program File
  140. .SPW SigmaPlot Worksheet
  141. .SPX Foxpro Compiler Screen Program Screen Peace Extension
  142. .SQB SyQuest Backup
  143. .SQC Structured Query Language Common Code File [SQL]
  144. .SQL Structured Query Language Data [SQL]
  145. .SQR Structured Query Language Program File [SQL]
  146. .SQZ Compressed Archive File
  147. .SRC Sourcecode (various)
  148. .SRF Sun Raster Graphic File
  149. .SSD SAS Database
  150. .SSF Enable Spreadsheet File
  151. .SSI Installer/GD Software Setup Information
  152. .SSM RealPlay Standard Streming Metafile
  153. .SST Certificate Store
  154. .ST SMALLTALK Program File Atari ST Disk Image NeoPaint Stamp File
  155. .STA Eudora File
  156. .STB Genus Stub Library
  157. .STD State Transition Diagram Graphic SureThing CD Labeler DocumentLocoScript Standard Script File
  158. .STF Compressed Archive File Setup Information Structured File
  159. .STG PageKeeper Storage File
  160. .STK Personal Stock Monitor File
  161. .STL Certificate Trust List CAD Software Solid Modeling/Prototyping File
  162. .STM Sound File State Transition Diagram Model Scream Tracker v2 ModuleSHTML File
  163. .STO Genus Pascal Stub OBJ File
  164. .STP PageKeeper Packed Storage File
  165. .STR dBase Structure List DataPerfect Structure File Sceensaver StreamFile (Playstation Discs)
  166. .STS MS C Project Status Info
  167. .STY Style Sheet MS Interactive Music Control LaTeX2e Style
  168. .SUB CloneCd Related File
  169. .SUD Super Project Analyzer Data
  170. .SUN Sun Raster Graphic File
  171. .SUP WordPerfect Supplemental Dictionary Super Porject Analyzer Project
  172. .SVD Word Backup File
  173. .SVG Word Backup File Scalable Vector Graphics File
  174. .SVP WISCO Survey Power
  175. .SVS Word Backup File
  176. .SVX Interchange File Format, 8SVX/16SV Amiga 8SVX Sound
  177. .SW Audio File Raw Signed Word (16-bit) Data
  178. .SWA Shockwave Audio File
  179. .SWD Storybook File (educational)
  180. .SWF Macromedia Flash Format [Alternate] [Viewer]
  181. .SWI Swish Data File
  182. .SWL Macromedia Flash Format [Alternate]
  183. .SWP Sprint Backup File Swap File
  184. .SWT VB Setup Wizard Template File Space Watch Pro Data File
  185. .SY# Darn! Backup Files
  186. .SY3 Harvard Symbol File (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
  187. .SYD Sysedit Backup File
  188. .SYL SYLK Spreadsheet Format
  189. .SYM Symbol Table (various)
  190. .SYN Synonym File
  191. .SYS System Configuration System Device Driver
  192. .SYW Harvard Symbol Graphic (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)Yamaha SY-series Wave Files

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