File Extensions

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File Extensions B

  1. .B Limbo Implementation File (Inferno OS) Applause Batch List
  2. .B1J BookJones
  3. .B1N 1st Reader Binary Screen Image
  4. .B1S BookSmith
  5. .B30 Ventura Publisher Printer Font
  6. .B3D 3D Builder File
  7. .B4 Helix Nuts and Bolts File (Helix Software now part of McAfee)
  8. .B64 Base 64 MIME-encoded File [MIME]
  9. .B8 Piclab Raw Graphic File
  10. .BAC Backup
  11. .BAD Rime Mailer Address File Oracle BAD File
  12. .BAK Backup
  13. .BAL Ballade Music Score
  14. .BAR dBase Application Generator Horizontal Menu Object
  15. .BAS BASIC Language Source Basic Module
  16. .BAT Batch Processing
  17. .BB Papyrus Database Backup
  18. .BBL TeX/BibTeX Bibliographic Reference File
  19. .BBM Deluxe Paint Image File
  20. .BBS Bulletin Board Sytem Text
  21. .BCF ConfigSafe Snapshot Index
  22. .BCH dBase Application Generator Batch Process Object Phoenix Software (Datalex)Entry Point 90 Data File
  23. .BCK Backup
  24. .BCM MS Works Communications File
  25. .BCO Bitstream Fontware File
  26. .BCP Borland C++ Makefile
  27. .BCW Borland C++ 4.5 Environment Settings
  28. .BDB MS Works Dababase File
  29. .BDF West Point Bridge Designer File
  30. .BDF Egret Data File
  31. .BDR MS Publisher Border
  32. .BEZ Bitstream Fontware File
  33. .BF2 Bradford 2 Font
  34. .BFA Blowfish-encrypted File (Extension added to original) [ProgramList]
  35. .BFC Briefcase File
  36. .BFF AIX® Backup File Format
  37. .BFM UNIX Font Metrics File
  38. .BFX BitFax Document
  39. .BG MS Backgammon for Windows Game
  40. .BGA OS/2 Graphic Array
  41. .BGB MS Chat Background Graphic
  42. .BGI Borland Graphic Interface
  43. .BGL Flight Simulator Scenery File
  44. .BHF pcAnywhere Host File
  45. .BI Binary File Progress Database Before Image File
  46. .BIB Bibliography TeX/BibTeX Literature Database
  47. .BIF GroupWise Initialization File Image Capture Board Binary Black& White Image
  48. .BIG Chinese (old version)
  49. .BIK BioCharter Profile Backup File
  50. .BIN Binary File
  51. .BIO BioCharter Profile File OS/2 Bios File
  52. .BIT Bitmap Image
  53. .BK Backup LinguAssist File JetFax Faxbook File
  54. .BK! Backup
  55. .BK$ Backup
  56. .BK1 Backup (Can be 1 to 9, usually with WordPerfect)
  57. .BKI Backup Index
  58. .BKP Backup
  59. .BKS Bookshelf Backup IBM BookManager Read Bookshelf MS WorksSpreadsheet Backup
  60. .BKW FontEdit Fontset Mirror Image
  61. .BLB DreamWorks Resource Archive
  62. .BLD BASIC Bload Graphics
  63. .BLK WordPerfect Temp File Lightscape Block Library Alias WavefrontImage
  64. .BLT Wordperfect for DOS File
  65. .BM Graphic (bitmap)
  66. .BM1 Apogee BioMenace Data File
  67. .BMF Image File
  68. .BMI Buzz Instrument
  69. .BMK Help Bookmark
  70. .BMP Windows OS/2 Bitmap Graphics [Viewer]
  71. .BMS Backup Magic Backup Set
  72. .BMW Buzz Music File with Waves
  73. .BMX Buzz Music File
  74. .BN AdLib Instrument Bank
  75. .BNK Adlib Instrument Bank SimCity Game File (reported to be) BinkCompressed Video/Audio File
  76. .BOM Orcad Schematic Capture Bill of Materials File
  77. .BOO Image File Book Compressed Archive File
  78. .BOX Notes Mailbox
  79. .BPC Business Plan Toolkit Chart
  80. .BPL Delphi Library
  81. .BPS MS Works Document
  82. .BPT Bitmap Master File
  83. .BPX Truevision Targa Bitmap
  84. .BQY BrioQuery File
  85. .BR Bridge Script
  86. .BR3 Bryce 3D Scene File
  87. .BRC Bryce 2 Scene File
  88. .BRD EAGLE Board File
  89. .BRI Basic Rate Interface File
  90. .BRK Brooktrout Fax-Mail File
  91. .BRO Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator File
  92. .BRP Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator Image
  93. .BRX Multimedia Browsing Index
  94. .BS_ MS Bookshelf Find Menu Shell Extension
  95. .BS1 Apogee Blake Stone Data File
  96. .BS2 Basic Stamp 2 Code File (WordPad or BS2-Editor)
  97. .BSA BSARC Compressed Archive
  98. .BSC Apple II Compressed Archive Boyan Script MS Developer StudioBrowser File
  99. .BSK Bryce 4 File
  100. .BSP Quake Map Half-life/TFC/CS Map
  101. .BSV BASIC Bsave Graphics
  102. .BTM 4DOS Batch To Memory Batch File
  103. .BTN ButtonWare File
  104. .BTR Btrieve Database File MS Frontpage-related File
  105. .BUD Quicken Backup
  106. .BUG Bug (Problem) File
  107. .BUN CakeWalk Audio Bundle File
  108. .BUP Backup
  109. .BUT Buttons! Button Definition
  110. .BUY Movie Data File
  111. .BV1 WordPerfect Overflow File (Can be 1 to 9)
  112. .BVS BVS Solitaire Collection
  113. .BW SGI Black and White Image
  114. .BWB Visual Baler Spreadsheet File
  115. .BWR Kermit Beware Bug List
  116. .BWV Business Wave File
  117. .BYU Movie File
  118. .BZ Bzip UNIX Compressed File
  119. .BZ2 Bzip UNIX Compressed File (Replaces
  120. .BZ)

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