File Extensions

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File Extensions D

  1. .D Dialect Source Code File
  2. .D2D 3D Fassade Plus 2D/3D Object File
  3. .D3D CorelDream 3D File
  4. .D64 Commodore 64 Emulator Disk Image
  5. .D8A AmBiz Productivity Pak Catalog
  6. .DAD Chromeleon Channel Raw Data
  7. .DAO Windows Registry Backup
  8. .DAP Omnis5 Application File MS Access Data Access Page
  9. .DAT Data (multiple programs) WordPerfect Merge Data (also possibly)MPEG File Mitsubishi DJ-1000 and Photorun Native Format
  10. .DB Paradox Database Progress Database
  11. .DB2 dBase II File
  12. .DBC MS Visual Foxpro Database Container
  13. .DBF Database (multiple programs) [started as dBASE] Oracle 8.xTablespace File
  14. .DBK dBase Database Backup Orcad Schematic Capture Backup File
  15. .DBM Cold Fusion Template
  16. .DBO dBase IV Compiled Program File
  17. .DBQ Paradox Memo
  18. .DBT Database Text File [dBASE]
  19. .DBV Flexfile Memo Field File
  20. .DBW DataBoss Database File
  21. .DBX Database (multiple programs) DataBeam Image MS Visual Foxpro Table
  22. .DC DesignCAD CAD File
  23. .DC2 DesignCAD CAD File Kodak DC25 Digital Camera File
  24. .DC5 DataCAD Drawing File
  25. .DCA Visual Basic Active Designer Cache IBM DisplayWrite DocumentContent Architecture Text File
  26. .DCB Concordance Database Control Block
  27. .DCD Document Content Description File FORTRAN Data File INMOSTransputer Development System Occam Object Code
  28. .DCF Design Rule for Camera File Systems File Dyadic Data File
  29. .DCM DCM Module Format
  30. .DCP Delphi Compiled Packages OS/2 Data CodePage
  31. .DCR Shockwave File
  32. .DCS Quark Desktop Color Separation Specification ACT! Activity DataFile
  33. .DCT Dictionary (various) MS Visual Foxpro Database Container
  34. .DCU Delphi Compiled Unit
  35. .DCX FAX Image [Viewer] Bitmap Graphics [Viewer] Macros MS Visual FoxproDatabase Container
  36. .DD Macintosh Compressed Disk Doubler Archive
  37. .DDB Bitmap Graphics File INMOS Transputer Development System OccamDebugging Info
  38. .DDE Dynamic Data Exchange
  39. .DDF BTRIEVE Database Bitstream Fontware File
  40. .DDI DiskDupe Image Disk Doubler Image
  41. .DDP OS/2 Device Driver Profile File
  42. .DDS INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Descriptor
  43. .DEB DOS Debug Script Debian Linux Package
  44. .DEF Definitions Defaults SGML Tag Definition SmartWare II Data File C++Definition 3D Fassade Plus Define Module File Geoworks Assembly HeaderFile
  45. .DEI Gerber Design Engineered Interface
  46. .DEL Data
  47. .DEM Descent Demonstration USGS Map
  48. .DEP Setup Wizard Dependency
  49. .DER Certificate File
  50. .DES Description Text
  51. .DEV Device Driver Device Independent TeX LaTeX File
  52. .DEZ DES Encrypted Zip File
  53. .DF Lightscape Parameters
  54. .DF1 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (also.DF2,DF3, etc.)
  55. .DFD File Flow Diagram Graphic
  56. .DFI Digifont Outline Font Description
  57. .DFL Signature Default Program Settings
  58. .DFM Delphi Forms File Flow Diagram Model
  59. .DFS Delight Sound File
  60. .DFV Word Print Format Template
  61. .DG Autotrol Graphics
  62. .DGC TurboTax-related File
  63. .DGN Microstation95 CAD Drawing File Intergraph Graphics
  64. .DGS AT Advanced Diagnostics File
  65. .DH Geoworks Dependency Information File
  66. .DHP Dr. Halo PIC
  67. .DHT Gauss Data File
  68. .DIA Computer Support Corp Diagraph Graphics File
  69. .DIB Device-Independent Bitmap Graphic [Viewer]
  70. .DIC Dictionary (various)
  71. .DIF Data Interchange Format
  72. .DIG Text Document Digilink Format Sound Designer Audio File
  73. .DIP Graphics File
  74. .DIR Procomm Plus Dialing Directory Macromedia Director File DEC VAXDirectory
  75. .DIS Ray Tracer File VAX Mail Distribution File
  76. .DIS Corel Draw Thesaurus
  77. .DIT MS Win2000 Active Directory Schema
  78. .DIZ Description In Zip File
  79. .DKB DKBTrace Ray-Traced Graphics File
  80. .DL Animations file
  81. .DLD Lotus File
  82. .DLG Dialog Resource Script C++ Dialogue Script
  83. .DLK INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Link Info
  84. .DLL Dynamic Link Library CorelDraw Export/Import Filter
  85. .DLS Downloadable Sounds (Interactive Music Architecture) NortonDiskLock Setup File
  86. .DMD Visual dBASE Data Module
  87. .DMF Delusion/XTracker Digital Music File Packed Amiga Disk Image
  88. .DML Darn! Shopping! Mall File
  89. .DMO Demo
  90. .DMP Dump (various) INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Core Dump
  91. .DMS Compressed Archive
  92. .DNE Darn v5+ (Windows) Events List
  93. .DOB User Document Form File
  94. .DOC Document or Documentation (many programs/formats) MS Word DocumentDisplayWrite 4 File
  95. .DOG Laughing Dog Screen Saver
  96. .DOH Geoworks Dependency Information File
  97. .DOS Text File/DOS Specification Info
  98. .DOT MS Word Document Template Corel Lines-Definition
  99. .DOX Text File MultiMate Document User Document Binary Form File
  100. .DOZ VENDINFO Description Out of Zip File
  101. .DP Daily Planner Calendar File DataPhile Data File
  102. .DPA Serif DrawPlus Animation
  103. .DPJ DeskProto CAM Project File
  104. .DPK Delphi Package File
  105. .DPL Borland Delphi 3 Packed Library
  106. .DPP Serif DrawPlus Drawing
  107. .DPR Borland C++ (or Delphi) Default Project
  108. .DPT Publish-It! Publication File
  109. .DPX Digital Moving Picture Exchange
  110. .DQY MS Excel ODBC Query File
  111. .DR9 Directory File
  112. .DRC Orcad Schematic Capture Design Rules Check Report File
  113. .DRES Diagnosis Results
  114. .DRN Darn for DOS
  115. .DRS WordPerfect Driver Resource
  116. .DRV Device Driver
  117. .DRW Drawing (various) Micrografx Vector Graphic Pro/E Drawing
  118. .DS4 Micrografx Designer Graphics (ver 4)
  119. .DSC Oracle Discard File Nikon Coolpix Disk Identification File
  120. .DSCE Diagnosis Scenario
  121. .DSD DataShaper Database File Document Structure Definition File
  122. .DSES Diagnosis Session
  123. .DSF Micrografx Designer PC-TRUST Document Signer (Extension means fileis signed) Delusion/XTracker Digital Sample
  124. .DSG Doom Saved Game
  125. .DSK Borland C++ or Turbo Pascal Project Desktop File Novell Driver File
  126. .DSL Lingvo User Feature Dictionary
  127. .DSM Delphi Symbol File Digital Sound Module Tracker Format DynamicStudio Music Module
  128. .DSN ODBC Data Source SureThing Office Labeler (formerly DesignExpress)Document Object System Designer Design Orcad Schematic Capture SchematicFile
  129. .DSP Signature Display Parameters Dr. Halo Graphic Screen Driver MSDeveloper Studio Project
  130. .DSQ Corel QUERY File
  131. .DSR WordPerfect Driver Active Designer File
  132. .DSS Digital Soup Digital Sound File DCC Active Designer File DigitalSpeech Standard File (Voice Recorders & IBM's ViaVoice)
  133. .DST Embroidery Machines Graphics File
  134. .DSW MS Developer Studio Workspace Borland C++ Desktop Settings
  135. .DSX Active Designer Binary File
  136. .DT_ Macintosh Data File Fork
  137. .DTA Data (Various)
  138. .DTD SGML Document Definition File
  139. .DTEA Diagnosis Template Archive
  140. .DTF Q&A Database MS Exchange Header File (Used when sending toLotus Notes)
  141. .DTM DigiTrekker Module
  142. .DTP SecurDesk! Desktop Timeworks Publisher Text Document PressworksTemplate File
  143. .DUN Dial-Up Network
  144. .DUP Duplicate Backup
  145. .DV DESQview Script Digital Video File
  146. .DVC Lotus File
  147. .DVF DV Studio Camcorder Graphics File
  148. .DVI Device Independent Document
  149. .DVP DESQview Program Information AutoCAD Device Parameter
  150. .DVR Device Driver
  151. .DW2 DesignCAD Drawing File
  152. .DWC Compressed Archive
  153. .DWD DiamondWare Digitized File
  154. .DWF Autodesk WHIP! Drawing Web File MS WHIP autoCAD REader Drawing WebFile
  155. .DWG AutoCAD Drawing Database
  156. .DWP Dweep Game Levels DeScribe Document File
  157. .DWS Dyadic Workspace File
  158. .DWT AutoCAD Template/Prototype File Macromedia Dreamweaver TemplateFile
  159. .DX Document Imaging File Digital Electric Corporation (DEC) DataExchange File
  160. .DXB Drawing Interchange Binary
  161. .DXF AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Format
  162. .DXN Fujitsu dexNet Fax Document
  163. .DXR Macromedia Director Protected Movie File
  164. .DYN Lotus File

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