File Extensions

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File Extensions F

  1. .F Compressed Archive File (UNIX) FORTRAN Program
  2. .F01 Perfect Fax Document
  3. .F06 DOS 6 Pixel Screen Font
  4. .F07 DOS 7 Pixel Screen Font
  5. .F08 DOS 8 Pixel Screen Font
  6. .F09 DOS 9 pixel Screen Font
  7. .F10 DOS 10 Pixel Screen Font
  8. .F11 DOS 11 Pixel Screen Font
  9. .F12 DOS 12 Pixel Screen Font
  10. .F13 DOS 13 Pixel Screen Font
  11. .F14 DOS 14 Pixel Screen Font
  12. .F15 DOS 15 Pixel Screen Font
  13. .F16 DOS 16 Pixel Screen Font
  14. .F2R Farandoyle Linear Module Format
  15. .F3R Farandoyle Blocked Module Format
  16. .F32 Raw 32-bit IEEE Floating Point Values
  17. .F64 Raw 64-bit IEEE Floating Point Values
  18. .F77 FORTRAN 77 Program
  19. .F90 FORTRAN Program
  20. .F96 Frecom FAX96 Document
  21. .FAC FACE Graphic
  22. .FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
  23. .FAR Farandoyle Tracker Music Module
  24. .FAS 3D Fassade Plus Basic Module
  25. .FAV MS Outlook Bar Shortcuts
  26. .FAX Fax File
  27. .FBC FamilyTree Compressed Backup File
  28. .FBK Navison Financials Backup FamilyTree Backup File
  29. .FBM Fuzzy Bitmap
  30. .FBS File Burner Skin
  31. .FC Harvard Dictionary (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
  32. .FCD Virtual CD-ROM FastCAD/EasyCAD Output Patton & Patton FlowCharting 3 File
  33. .FCM Forward Compression Binary File Patch
  34. .FCT Foxpro Catalog Campaign Cartographer 2 File
  35. .FCW Campaign Cartographer 2 File
  36. .FD FORTRAN Declarations Dataflex Field Compiler Offsets
  37. .FDB Navison Financials Database Art Explosion Portfolio Catalog File
  38. .FDF Adobe Acrobat Forms Document
  39. .FDW F3 Design and Mapping Document Form
  40. .FDX Force Index
  41. .FEB WordPerfect Figure Editor Button Bar
  42. .FEM CADRE Finite Element Mesh File
  43. .FEX Focus File
  44. .FES 3D Topicscape fileelss occurrenc after export to Windows
  45. .FF AGFA CompuGraphics Outline Font Description
  46. .FFA MS Fast Find File
  47. .FFF GUS PnP Bank defFax Fax Document
  48. .FFL MS Fast Find File PrintMaster Gold Image File
  49. .FFO MS Fast Find File
  50. .FFT DCA/FFT Final Form Text
  51. .FFX MS Fast Find File
  52. .FGA Folder Guard Attributes
  53. .FGD Folder Guard Data
  54. .FGP Folder Guard Passwords File
  55. .FH3 Aldus Freehand 3 Drawing
  56. .FH4 Aldus Freehand 4 Drawing
  57. .FI FORTRAN Interface File
  58. .FIF Fractal Image Format
  59. .FIG REND386/AVRIL Graphic
  60. .FIL dBase Files List Object WordPerfect Overlay Application GeneratorFile Template
  61. .FIN WordPerfect Print Format Text Perfect Writer Print Formatted Text
  62. .FIT FITS Graphic MS Windows NT File Index Table
  63. .FIX Generic Patch File
  64. .FKY Foxpro Macro
  65. .FLA Macromedia Flash Movie
  66. .FLB Papyrus Format Library
  67. .FLC AutoDesk FLIC Animated Picture
  68. .FLD Charisma Folder Hijaak Thumbnail Folder 3D Fassade Plus FieldDefine Module File
  69. .FLF Corel Paradox Form OS/2 Driver File Navison Financials License File
  70. .FLI Autodesk FLIC Animation EmTeX Font Library
  71. .FLL Foxpro Library
  72. .FLM AutoCAD Film
  73. .FLO MicroGrafx FlowCharter File
  74. .FLR Live3D File
  75. .FLS Farrukh Imposition Purlisher Filelist Document
  76. .FLT Corel Graphic Filter StarTrekker Music Module MulitGen Open FlightFile Asymetrix Graphics Filter Support File Micrografx Picture PublisherFilter MS Graphics Filter
  77. .FLX Image File Dataflex Ordered Binder DataFlex Compiled Binary File
  78. .FM Adobe FrameMaker Document FileMaker Pro Spreadsheet
  79. .FM1 Lotus Spreadsheet File
  80. .FM3 Harvard Device Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) 1-2-3Format File
  81. .FMB WordPerfect File Manager Button Bar Oracle Binary Form Source Code
  82. .FMD Open Access File
  83. .FMF IBM LinkWay Font or Icon
  84. .FMK PowerStation FORTRAN Make File
  85. .FML GetRight File Mirror List Oracle Mirror List
  86. .FMO dBase Ordered Format
  87. .FMP FileMaker Pro Document
  88. .FMT Format File Style Sheet Oracle Text Form Format MS Schedule+ PrintFile MS Visual FoxPro Csreen Format File
  89. .FMV Frame Vector Metafile
  90. .FMX Oracle Executable Form
  91. .FN3 Harvard Graphics Font
  92. .FND MS Explorer Saved Search
  93. .FNG Font Navigator Group File
  94. .FNK FunkTracker Module
  95. .FNO Folio Infobase [May be mistype of .NFO]
  96. .FNT Font File (Windows 3.1)
  97. .FO1 Borland Turbo C Font
  98. .FO2 Borland Turbo C Font
  99. .FOG Fontographer Font
  100. .FOL 1st Reader Saved Message Folder
  101. .FON Font File Procomm Plus Call Log
  102. .FOR FORTRAN Source WindowBase Form
  103. .FOT Installed TrueType Font
  104. .FOX FoxBase File
  105. .FP FileMaker Pro File
  106. .FP1 Flying Pigs for Windows Data
  107. .FP3 FileMaker Pro File
  108. .FP5 FileMaker Pro Document
  109. .FPC FoxPro Catalog File
  110. .FPT FileMaker Pro File FoxPro Memo Fields
  111. .FPW FloorPlan Plus Floorplan Drawing
  112. .FPX FlashPix Bitmap [Viewer]
  113. .FR3 dBase IV Renamed dBaseIII+ Form
  114. .FRF FontMonger Font
  115. .FRG dBase IV Uncompiled Report
  116. .FRM Form File FrameMaker Document FrameBuilder Document OracleExecutable Form Visual Basic Form WordPerfect Merge Form DataCAD SymbolReport File
  117. .FRO dBase IV Compiled Report FormFlow File
  118. .FRP PerForm Pro Plus Form
  119. .FRS WordPerfect Graphics Driver
  120. .FRT FoxPro Report File
  121. .FRX Visual Basic Binary Form File FoxPro Report File
  122. .FRZ FormFlow File
  123. .FSC Campaign Cartographer 2 File
  124. .FSF Convert It! Factor File fPrint Audit Tool File
  125. .FSL Borland's Paradox 7 Forms Corel Paradox Saved Form
  126. .FSM Farandoyle Sample Format
  127. .FSS Iomega Backup File Selection Set
  128. .FST FastStats Analyzer File dbFast Linkable Program
  129. .FSX Lotus 1-2-3 Data
  130. .FT Lotus Notes Full Text Index
  131. .FTB Roots3 Index File
  132. .FTG Windows Help Full-text Search Group File
  133. .FTM Family File MicroGrafx Font
  134. .FTS Windows Help Full-Text Search Index File
  135. .FTV Forest & Trees File
  136. .FTW Family File
  137. .FW Framework Database
  138. .FW2 Framework II File
  139. .FW3 Framework III File
  140. .FW4 Framework IV File
  141. .FWB FileWrangler Data File Backup
  142. .FWL FileWrangler EXE Library
  143. .FWS FileWrangler Data File for File Splitting Configuration
  144. .FX FastLynx On-Line Guide
  145. .FXD WinFax Sent Document (TIFF format) FAXit Phonebook
  146. .FXI File-Ex File
  147. .FXP FoxPro Compiled Source
  148. .FXR WinFax Received Document (TIFF format)
  149. .FXS WinFax Fax Transmit Graphic
  150. .FZB Casio FZ-1 Bank Dump
  151. .FZF Casio FZ-1 Full Dump
  152. .FZV Casio FZ-1 Voice Dump

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