File Extensions

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File Extensions X

  1. .X LEX Program File AVS Image
  2. .X01 Paradox Secondary Index (can be 01 to 09)
  3. .X16 Macromedia Program Extension (16-bit)
  4. .X32 Macromedia Program Extension (32-bit)
  5. .X5 Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
  6. .XA Extended Architecture File File on PSX Disc
  7. .XAB Xenis Mail Address Book
  8. .XAR Corel Xara Drawing
  9. .XBM X Bitmap Graphic [Viewer]
  10. .XFN Ventura Printer Font
  11. .XFT Chiwriter 24 Pin Printer Font
  12. .XFX Fax File (various)
  13. .XI Fast Tracker 2 Instrument ScreamTracker Instrument File
  14. .XIF Wang Image File Xerox Image File
  15. .XLA Excel Add-in
  16. .XLB Excel File
  17. .XLC Excel Chart
  18. .XLD Excel Dialog
  19. .XLG Xnetech Engraving Logo File
  20. .XLK Excel Backup
  21. .XLL Excel Add-in (Dynamic Link Library)
  22. .XLM Excel Macro
  23. .XLS Excel Worksheet
  24. .XLT Excel Template Procomm Plus Translation Table Lotus TranslationTable
  25. .XLV Excel VBA
  26. .XLW Excel Workspace
  27. .XM Sound File Fast Tracker 2 Extended Module
  28. .XML Extensible Markup Language File [XML]
  29. .XNK Exchange Shortcut
  30. .XOT Xnetech Job Output File
  31. .XPM X Picsmap Graphic [Viewer]
  32. .XQT SuperCalc Macro Sheet
  33. .XRF Cross Reference
  34. .XR1 Epic MegaGames Xargon File
  35. .XS Hummingbird Exceed File
  36. .XSL XML Stylesheet [XML]
  37. .XSM LEXIS-NEXIS Tracker
  38. .XT* Crosstalk Related File
  39. .XTB LocoScript External Translation Table
  40. .XWD X Windows Dump  Crossdown Puzzle File
  41. .XWF Yamaha XG Works File
  42. .XXE Xxencoded File
  43. .XY XYWrite Text File
  44. .XY3 XYWrite Text File
  45. .XY4 XYWrite IV Document
  46. .XYP XYWrite III Plus Document
  47. .XYW XYWrite Windows 4.0 Document

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