File Extensions

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File Extensions L

  1. .L LEX Program File Link Instructions LISP Program File
  2. .LA Lightscape Animation
  3. .LAB Mailing Labels
  4. .LAT Crossword Express Lattice File
  5. .LAY Applause Word Chart Layout Lightscape Layer State
  6. .LBG dBase IV Label Generator
  7. .LBI Dreamweaver Library File
  8. .LBL Labels (various)
  9. .LBM Deluxe Paint Bitmap Graphic [Viewer]
  10. .LBO dBase IV Ordered Labels
  11. .LBR Compressed Archive File Lotus 1-2-3 Display Driver Omnis7Application File
  12. .LBS Omnis Studio Application File
  13. .LBT Foxpro Label Memo
  14. .LBX Foxpro Label
  15. .LCF Linker Control File
  16. .LCH PagePath Technologies LAUNCH! File
  17. .LCK MS Frontpage-related File Adobe Pagemaker Database File
  18. .LCN WordPerfect Dictionary File
  19. .LD Telix Long Distance Codes
  20. .LD1 dBase Overlay File
  21. .LDB MS Access Lock File TrueVector Log Database
  22. .LDF LuraDocument File [Viewer]
  23. .LDL Corel Paradox Delivered Library
  24. .LEG Legacy Graphic Format
  25. .LES Learn Lesson File Logitech Entertainment Game Profile
  26. .LET Letter
  27. .LEX Lexicon (dictionary file)
  28. .LFT Chiwriter Laser Printer Font 3D Studio Loft File
  29. .LGC Program Use Log File (for Windows Program Use Optimization)
  30. .LGO MS Windows Logo Driver
  31. .LGP Logotron SuperLogo File
  32. .LGT Urban Chaos Game File
  33. .LHA Compressed Archive File (LZH)
  34. .LHS Literate Haskell Source File
  35. .LHW Compressed Amiga Archive File
  36. .LHZ LHA Compressed Archive File
  37. .LIB Program Library (diverse programmers' languages)
  38. .LIC License File (various Shareware)
  39. .LIF Compressed Archive File HP Logical Interchange Format File
  40. .LIN AutoCAD Line Art
  41. .LIS Program Listing Structured Query Reporting (SQR) Output
  42. .LIT MS Reader EBook File
  43. .LIX Logos Book File
  44. .LJ Text File for HP LJ II Printer
  45. .LKO MS Outlook Express Linked Object
  46. .LL3 LapLink III Document File
  47. .LLC LapLink Saved Connection File
  48. .LLX Laplink Exchange Agent
  49. .LM8 Picture File
  50. .LMD Tune Smithy List of Modes for a Musical Scale
  51. .LND 3D Landscape Data
  52. .LNK Linker File Windows Shortcut File
  53. .LOG Log File (many different programs)
  54. .LOK FileWrangler/ZipWrangler/SecurDesk! Encrypted Archive
  55. .LP LP88 Linear Programming for the IBM-PC File Lightscape PreparationFile
  56. .LPB LP88 Linear Programming for the IBM-PC File
  57. .LPD Helix Nuts and Bolts File (Helix Software now part of McAfee)
  58. .LRC Intel Video Phone File
  59. .LRF Linker Response File
  60. .LRS WordPerfect Language Resource File
  61. .LS Lightscape Solution File
  62. .LSC Tune Smithy List of Muscial Scales
  63. .LSF Streaming Audio/Video File Logos Book File
  64. .LSL Corel Paradox Saved Library Lotus Script Library
  65. .LSP LISP Program File
  66. .LST Listing or List (e.g., packing list) PowerPoint File Ingres DumpList File Oracle Spool File
  67. .LSX Streaming Audio/Video Shortcut
  68. .LTM Lotus Form
  69. .LTR Letter
  70. .LU ThoughtWing Library Unit File
  71. .LVL Parallax Miner Descent/D2 Level Extension
  72. .LVP Lucent Voice Player (Intuity Audix Multimedia Messaging System)
  73. .LWF LuraWave-compressed Graphic File [Viewer]
  74. .LWP Lotus Wordpro 96/97 File
  75. .LWV MS Linguistically Enhanced Sound File
  76. .LYR DataCAD Layer File
  77. .LYT TurboTax Log File
  78. .LZH Compressed Archive File
  79. .LZS Compressed Archive File Skyroads Data File
  80. .LZW Compressed Amiga Archive File
  81. .LZX Compressed File

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