Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Video Control Objects (Visual Basic)

This topic applies to Windows XP only.

Object Description
IMSVidDevice Base class for all devices and features used by the video control
IMSVidFeature Represents a feature.
IMSVidInputDevice Base class for input devices.
IMSVidOutputDevice Base class for output devices, including renderers.
IMSVidPlayback Base class for file and DVD playback objects used by the Video Control.
IMSVidRect Represents a rectangle and is used in various MSVidVideoRenderer methods.
MSEventBinder In script contained in an HTML page, this object is used to bind application-defined event handlers (subroutines) to events fired by the various device objects.
MSVidAnalogTunerDevice Represents a hardware analog video tuning device.
MSVidAudioRenderer Represents a hardware audio rendering device.
MSVidAudioRendererDevices Represents a read-only collection of audio rendering devices (such as sound cards).
MSVidBDATunerDevice Represents a BDA-compatible tuner device.
MSVidClosedCaptioning Represents the closed captioning feature.
MSVidCtl Represents the control class for the MSVidCtl ActiveX control.
MSVidDataServices Represents the data services feature.
MSVidFeatures Represents a collection of features.
MSVidFilePlaybackDevice Represents a file-playback input device.
MSVidInputDevices Represents a collection of MSVidAnalogTunerDevice or MSVidBDATunerDevice objects.
MSVidOutputDevices Represents a collection of MSVidVideoRenderer objects or MSVidAudioRenderer objects.
MSVidStreamBufferRecordingControl Manages a stream buffer recording.
MSVidStreamBufferSink Represents a stream buffer output device.
MSVidStreamBufferSource Represents a stream buffer source object.
MSVidVideoRenderer Provides access for script and Visual Basic® applications to the Video Mixing Renderer filter.
MSVidVideoRendererDevices Represents a collection of MSVidVideoRenderer objects.
MSVidWebDVD Controls DVD-Video navigation and playback.
MSVidWebDVDAdm Sets and retrieves persistent settings for the MSVidWebDVD object