Microsoft DirectX 9.0

MSVidStreamBufferSink Object

This topic applies to Windows XP Service Pack 1 only.

The MSVidStreamBufferSink object represents a stream buffer output (sink) device.

This object has the following CLSID:


This object inherits all the methods and properties of the IMSVidDevice object. In addition, it exposes the following methods and properties.

Property Description
ContentRecorder Creates a new content recording object.
ReferenceRecorder Creates a new reference recording object.
SBESink Retrieves the Stream Buffer Sink filter.
SinkName Sets and retrieves the name of the stub file that points to the backing files.

Method Description
NameSetLock Locks the stream buffer profile.

The IMSVidStreamBuffer object fires the following events.

Event Description
CertificateFailure Fired when the object fails to get an encryption/decription license.
CertificateSuccess Fired when the object succeeds in getting an encryption/decription license.
StateChange Called when the object changes state.