Microsoft DirectX 9.0

MSVidWebDVDAdm Object

This topic applies to Windows XP Service Pack 1 only.

The MSVidWebDVDAdm object gets and sets saved settings for the MSVidWebDVD object.

Settings are saved in the Microsoft® Windows® registry. The registry is a database that Windows applications use to store information about themselves for use at initialization or run time.

Most of these methods and properties do not set or retrieve the current values in the DVD Navigator filter itself. This means, for example, that when you call GetParentalLevel the returned value is not the current parental level stored in the object. Rather, it is the default parental level stored in the registry. To get the current parental level in the player, call the MSVidWebDVD method PlayerParentalLevel. Calling MSVidWebDVDAdm.SaveParentalLevel simply writes a new default parental access level to the registry; you still need to call the MSVidWebDVD method SelectParentalLevel to make the change take effect immediately in the player. The default locale identifier (LCID) methods work in a similar way.

You can either create the MSVidWebDVDAdm as a separate object, or else access the object's properties and methods through the DVDAdm property of MSVidWebDVD. The following code is an example of calling the GetParentalLevel method by accessing the MSVidWebDVDAdm through the MSVidWebDVD (assuming the MSVidWebDVD object is named oDVD):

lDefParentalLevel = oDVD.DVDAdm.GetParentalLevel

The following code would create an independent MSVidWebDVD object and call the GetParentalLevel method on it:

Option Explicit
Dim WithEvents oVidWebDVD As MSVidWebDVD
Dim oVidWebAdm As MSVidWebDVDAdm

' Call this subroutine to create all objects first.
Sub cmdPlay_Click()
   oVideoControl.View ("DVD:")
   Set oVidWebDVD = oVideoControl.InputActive
   Set oVidWebAdm = oVidWebDVD.DVDAdm
End Sub

' Call this function to get the default parental level in the registry.
Function GetDefParentalLevel()
   ChangePassword = oVidWebAdm.GetParentalLevel
End Function

The MSVidWebDVDAdm object exposes the following properties and methods.


Property Description
BookmarkOnStop Sets or retrieves a value that tells the MSVidWebDVDAdm object whether to automatically save a bookmark of the current location and settings when the user clicks the Stop button.
DefaultAudioLCID Sets or retrieves the registry setting for the user-specified default LCID for the audio stream.
DefaultMenuLCID Sets or retrieves the registry setting for the user-specified default LCID for menus.
DefaultSubpictureLCID Sets or retrieves the registry setting for the user-specified default LCID for the subpicture stream.


Method Description
ChangePassword Saves a new application password in the registry.
ConfirmPassword Tests whether the specified password matches the previously saved password.
GetParentalCountry Retrieves the parental country/region that was last saved to the registry.
GetParentalLevel Retrieves the parental level that was last saved to the registry.
SaveParentalCountry Saves the application's new parental country/region to the registry.
SaveParentalLevel Saves a new default parental level to the registry.

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