Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IMSVidPlayback Object

This topic applies to Windows XP Service Pack 1 only.

The IMSVidPlayback object is the base class for file and DVD playback objects used by the Video Control.

This object inherits all the properties and methods of the IMSVidDevice object. In addition, it exposes the following properties and methods.

Property Description
CanStep Indicates whether the input source can step frame by frame.
CurrentPosition Indicates the current playback position.
EnableResetOnStop Indicates how playback will resume if the graph is rebuilt.
Length Returns the duration of the source.
PositionMode Indicates how position values are interpreted by this object.
Rate Sets or retrieves the playback rate.

Method Description
Pause Pauses the playback device.
Run Runs the playback device.
Step Steps through the video stream by a specified number of frames.
Stop Stops the playback device.

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