Microsoft DirectX 9.0

MSVidAnalogTunerDevice Object

This topic applies to Windows XP only.

The MSVidAnalogTunerDevice object represents a hardware analog video tuning device on the local system. Internally, the Video Control uses the DirectShow IAMTuner and IAMTVTuner COM interfaces to control and configure an analog TV tuner. In some cases, the documentation for those interfaces contains further information relevant to the properties and methods of MSVidAnalogTunerDevice.

This object inherits all the method and properties of the IMSVidInputDevice object. In addition, it exposes the following methods and properties.

Property Description
AudioFrequency Retrieves the tuner's audio frequency for testing purposes.
Channel Specifies and retrieves the tuner's channel setting.
CountryCode Specifies and retrieves the tuner's country/region code.
SAP Specifies and retrieves the tuner's SAP setting to enable secondary audio components.
Tune Specifies and retrieves the Tune Request object currently associated with the tuner.
TuningSpace Retrieves the tuning space associated with the currently active tune request.
VideoFrequency Retrieves the tuner's video frequency for testing purposes.

Method Description
ChannelAvailable Retrieves a value indicating whether a specified channel is available for viewing.

Event Description
TuneChanged Called by the tuner when it cannot tune to the requested channel or frequency.