Microsoft DirectX 9.0

MSVidStreamBufferSource Object

This topic applies to Windows XP Service Pack 1 only.

The MSVidStreamBufferSource object represents a stream buffer source object.

This object has the following CLSID:


This object inherits all the methods and properties of the IMSVidPlayback object. In addition, it exposes the following methods and properties.

Property Description
BlockUnrated Specifies whether to block unrated content.
RecordingAttribute Retrieves the Stream Buffer Source filter.
SBESource Retrieves the Stream Buffer Source filter.
Start Retrieves the start time.
UnratedDelay Specifies how long the object will play unrated content before blocking it.

Method Description
CurrentRatings Retrieves the current ratings information from the data source.
MaxRatingsLevel Specifies the maximum ratings level the object is permitted to play.

The MSVidStreamBufferSource object fires the following events.

Event Description
CertificateFailure Fired when the object fails to get an encryption/decription license.
CertificateSuccess Fired when the object succeeds in getting an encryption/decription license.
ContentBecomingStale Fired when the stream buffer source lags behind the stream buffer sink.
EndOfMedia Fired when the object reaches the end of the source file.
RatingsBlocked Fired when the object blocks playback.
RatingsChanged Fired when the content rating changes.
RatingsUnblocked Fired when the object unblocks placyback.
StaleDataRead Fired when the object reads from a temporary recording file that has been marked for deletion.
StaleFileDeleted Fired when a temporary recording file is deleted.
TimeHole Fired when playback reaches a gap in the recorded content.