Microsoft DirectX 9.0


This section contains reference entries for all the Microsoft DirectShow Editing Services (DES) COM interfaces and their methods.

Interface Description
IAMErrorLog Provides a callback method for error logging.
IAMSetErrorLog Sets or retrieves an error log.
IAMTimeline Provides methods for manipulating the timeline.
IAMTimelineComp Inserts or retrieves virtual tracks on a composition.
IAMTimelineEffect Provides methods for manipulating.
IAMTimelineEffectable Provides methods for adding effects to a timeline object.
IAMTimelineGroup Sets and retrieves properties on groups.
IAMTimelineObj Provides methods for manipulating timeline objects.
IAMTimelineSplittable Splits a timeline object.
IAMTimelineSrc Provides methods for manipulating and setting properties on source objects.
IAMTimelineTrack Provides methods for manipulating track objects.
IAMTimelineTrans Provides methods for manipulating transition objects.
IAMTimelineTransable Adds transitions to an object.
IAMTimelineVirtualTrack Provides methods for working with virtual tracks.
IDxtAlphaSetter Sets properties on the Alpha Setter effect.
IDxtCompositor Sets properties on the Compositor transition.
IDxtJpeg Sets properties on the SMPTE Wipe transition.
IDxtKey Sets properties on the Key transition.
IFindCompressorCB Not supported.
IGrfCache Not supported.
IMediaDet Retrieves information about a media file, such as the number of streams and the type, duration, and frame rate of each stream.
IMediaLocator Provides methods for validating file names.
IPropertySetter Sets properties on an effect or transition.
IRenderEngine Renders a DES project by constructing a filter graph from a timeline.
IRenderEngine2 Enables the application to replace the default video resizing filter used by DES.
IResize Must be supported by any custom video resizer filter.
ISmartRenderEngine Provides methods that support smart recompression.
IXml2Dex Saves and loads DES project files in Extensible Markup Language (XML).