Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IPropertySetter Interface

The IPropertySetter interface sets properties on an effect or transition in DirectShow Editing Services (DES).

To use this interface, create an instance of a property setter object (CLSID_PropertySetter), and associate it with an effect or transition by calling the IAMTimelineObj::SetPropertySetter method. For more information, see Working with Effects and Transitions.

Usually an application needs to call only the IPropertySetter::ClearProps method to clear existing properties, and the IPropertySetter::AddProp method to add new properties. The other methods on this interface are called by other DES components.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IPropertySetter interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
AddProp Adds a property to the property setter, with an array of time-value pairs defining the value of the property over a range of time.
ClearProps Clears all property data from the property setter.
CloneProps Clones a set of properties from this property setter and adds them to a new property setter.
FreeProps Frees resources allocated by the IPropertySetter::GetProps method.
GetProps Retrieves the properties set on this object, with their corresponding values.
LoadFromBlob Loads property data from a persistence format.
LoadXML Loads property data expressed in Extensible Markup Language (XML).
PrintXML Converts property data into an XML string.
SaveToBlob Saves the property data to a persistence format.
SetProps Sets the properties of the target object to the appropriate state for the specified time.


Header: Include Qedit.h. This header file is not compatible with Microsoft® Direct3D® headers later than version 7.

Library: Use strmiids.lib.