Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Track Form

The track form contains information about a single track. It can be embedded in a Segment Form or stored in its own file.

<DMTK-form> -> RIFF( 'DMTK'
  [<trkx-ck>]   // Optional track flags.
  [<guid-ck>]   // GUID for track object instance.
  [<vers-ck>]   // Version information.
  [<UNFO-list>] // Name, author, copyright information, comments.
  [<data>]    // Track data. 


The first chunk contains the basic header information for a track.

<trkh-ck> -> trkh( <DMUS_IO_TRACK_HEADER> )


This optional chunk contains flags for the track.

<trkx-ck> -> trkx( <DMUS_IO_TRACK_EXTRAS_HEADER> )

<guid-ck>, <vers-ck>, <UNFO-list>

For information on these three chunks, see Common Chunks.


The last element in the track form is the data for the track. The chunk type used for the data is identified in the DMUS_IO_TRACK_HEADER structure. The following standard track chunks are defined: