Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Pattern Track Form

The pattern track form can be a top-level form but is also found as data for a Track Form. It is organized as follows:

  <styh-ck>     // Style header chunk
  <pttn-list>   // The pattern

For information on <styh-ck>, see Style Form.

The <pattn-list> used in the pattern track is not the same as the one used in the Style Form. The pattern track version also contains part lists.

<pttn-list> -> LIST( 'pttn'
  <ptnh-ck>      // Pattern header chunk.
  <rhtm-ck>      // List of rhythms for chord matching.
  <part-list>... // Array of parts in the pattern; see Style Form.
  [<mtfs-ck>]    // Motif settings chunk.
  [<DMBD-form>]  // Band to be associated with the pattern 
                 //   (for motifs).
  <pref-list>... // Array of part reference IDs.