Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Band Track Form

The band track form can be a top-level form but is also found as the data part of a Track Form. It is organized as follows:

  [<bdth-ck>]   // Band track header.
  [<guid-ck>]   // GUID for band track.
  [<vers-ck>]   // Version information.
  [<UNFO-list>] // Name, author, copyright information, comments.
  <lbdl-list>   // List of band lists.


This optional chunk contains header information for a band track. The only data in the structure is a flag for automatic downloading.

<bnth-ck> -> bdth( <DMUS_IO_BAND_TRACK_HEADER> )

<guid-ck>, <vers-ck>, <UNFO-list>

For information on these three chunks, see Common Chunks.


The last chunk contains one or more bands.

<lbdl-list> -> LIST( 'lbdl'

Each band is encapsulated in a list of the following type.

<lbnd-list> -> LIST( 'lbnd'
  <bdih-ck> or <bd2h-ck>

The band list begins with a header. In older files, this is <bdih-ck>; newer content uses <bd2h-ck>.

<bdih-ck> -> ( <DMUS_IO_BAND_ITEM_HEADER> )
<bd2h-ck> -> ( <DMUS_IO_BAND_ITEM_HEADER2> )

The header is followed by a Band Form containing information about the instruments in the band.