Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Wave Track List

The following notation shows the organization of a chunk containing data for a wave track:

<wavt-list> -> LIST ( 'wavt'
  <wath-ck>      // Wave track header
  <wavp-list>... // Wave parts 


This chunk contains header information for a wave. It is followed by an array of lists describing wave parts:

<wath-ck> -> wath( <DMUS_IO_WAVE_TRACK_HEADER> )


<wavp-list> -> LIST ( 'wavp'
  <waph-ck>   // Wave part header
  <wavi-list>   // Wave items

The wave part list begins with a header.

<waph-ck> -> 'waph' ( <DMUS_IO_WAVE_PART_HEADER> )

The second part of the wave part list is an array of wave items:

<wavi-list> -> LIST( 'wavi'

Each wave item is described in a list chunk as follows:

<wave-list> -> LIST( 'wave'
  <waih-ck>   // Wave item header.
  <DMRF-list>   // Reference to wave object.

The wave description begins with a header chunk:

<waih-ck> -> ( <DMUS_IO_WAVE_ITEM_HEADER> )

For more information on <DMRF-list>, see Reference List.