Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Parameter Control Track List

The parameter control track list contains data for a Track Form.

<prmt-list> -> LIST( 'prmt'

The list contains an array of lists, each of which describes an object.

<prol-list> -> LIST( 'proh'
  <proh-ck>   // Object header chunk.
  <prpl-list>...  // Array of parameters.

The first chunk in the object list is a header.


The second chunk contains parameter lists, organized as shown in the following notation:

<prpl-list> -> LIST( 'prpl'
  <prph-ck>   // Parameter header.
  <prcc-ck>   // Array of curves.

The header of the parameter list is described as follows:


The array of curves is described in the following chunk.

<prcc-ck> -> prcc(
 <DMUS_IO_PARAMCONTROLTRACK_CURVEINFO>... // Curves, sorted in order of mtTime.