Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Script Track List

The script track list contains data for a Track Form.

<scrt-list> -> LIST( 'scrt'

The list contains another list that contains an array of script events.

<scrl-list> -> LIST( 'scrl'

Each <scre-list> chunk describes an event as follows:

<scre-list> -> LIST( 'scre'
  <scrh-ck>   // Event header chunk
  <DMRF>      // Reference 
  <scrn-ck>   // Routine name

Each script track event begins with a header:

<scrh-ck> -> 'scrh'( <DMUS_IO_SCRIPTTRACK_EVENTHEADER> )

For information on the DMRF chunk, see Reference List.

The last chunk of the script track event is the null-terminated name of a routine:

<scrn-ck> -> 'scrn'( <WCHAR>... )