Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Reference List

The reference list chunk contains information about a reference to an object in another file. For example, a band object might contain a reference to a DLS collection in a separate file. This subchunk is used in many different chunks.

The notation for a reference list is as follows:

<DMRF-list> ->LIST( 'DMRF'
  <refh-ck>   // Reference header
  [<guid-ck>]   // Object GUID
  [<date-ck>]   // File date
  [<name-ck>]   // Name
  [<file-ck>]   // File name
  [<catg-ck>]   // Category name
  [<vers-ck>]   // Version information


The data begins with a header that includes information about the object being referred to:

<refh-ck> -> refh( <DMUS_IO_REFERENCE> )

All other chunks are optional.


See Common Chunks.


The date chunk contains a date in a FILETIME structure.

<date-ck> -> date( <FILETIME> )

<name-ck>, <file-ck>, <catg-ck>

The name, file name, and category name are null-terminated strings.

<name-ck> -> name( <WCHAR>... )
<file-ck> -> file( <WCHAR>... )  // Null-terminated string
<catg-ck> -> catg( <WCHAR>... )  // Null-terminated string


See Common Chunks.