Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IDirectDrawSurface Interface

The IDirectDrawSurface interface is exposed on DirectDrawSurface objects that are used in the DirectShow multimedia streaming APIs.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IDirectDrawSurface interface contains the following methods.

Method Description
AddAttachedSurface Attaches a Surface to another Surface.
AddOverlayDirtyRect Used to build up the list of the rectangles that need to be updated the next time the UpdateOverlayDisplay method is called.
Blt Performs a bit block transfer.
BltBatch Performs a sequence of Blt operations from several sources to a single destination.
BltFast Performs a source copy blit or transparent blit using a source or destination color key.
DeleteAttachedSurfaces Detaches two attached surfaces.
EnumAttachedSurfaces Enumerates all the surfaces attached to a given surface.
EnumOverlayZOrders Enumerates the overlays on the specified destination.
Flip Makes the surface memory associated with the DDSCAPS_BACKBUFFER surface become associated with the FRONTBUFFER surface.
GetAttachedSurface Finds the attached surface that has the specified capabilities.
GetBltStatus Returns the blitter status.
GetCaps Returns the capabilities of the surface.
GetClipper Returns the DirectDrawClipper associated with this surface.
GetColorKey Returns the color key value for the DirectDrawSurface object.
GetDC Creates a GDI device context for the surface.
GetFlipStatus Returns OK if the surface that it is called on has finished its flipping process, otherwise it returns WASSTILLDRAWING.
GetOverlayPosition Returns the display coordinates of the surface, given a visible, active overlay surface (DDSCAPS_OVERLAY set).
GetPalette Returns the IDirectDrawPalette interface associated with this surface.
GetPixelFormat Returns the color and pixel format of the surface.
GetSurfaceDesc Returns a DDSURFACEDESC structure describing the surface in its current condition.
Initialize Initializes a DirectDrawSurface.
IsLost Determines if the surface memory associated with a DirectDrawSurface has been freed.
Lock Obtains a valid pointer to the surface memory.
ReleaseDC Releases the device context previously obtained with GetDC.
Restore Restores a surface that has been "lost" (the surface memory associated with the DirectDrawSurface object has been freed).
SetClipper Attaches a DirectDrawClipper to a DirectDrawSurface.
SetColorKey Sets the color key value for the DirectDrawSurface object if the hardware supports color keys on a per surface basis.
SetOverlayPosition Changes the display coordinates of an overlay surface.
SetPalette Attachs the specified palette to the surface.
Unlock Notifies DirectDraw that the surface manipulations are complete.
UpdateOverlay Repositions and modifies the visual attributes of an overlay surface.
UpdateOverlayDisplay Repaints the rectangles in the dirty rectangle lists of all active overlays.
UpdateOverlayZOrder Sets the z order of an overlay.