Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The EnumAttachedSurfaces method enumerates all the surfaces attached to a given surface.


HRESULT EnumAttachedSurfaces(
  LPVOID lpContext,



Application-defined value that is passed to the enumeration method every time it is called.


Points to the callback function that will be called for each surface that is attached to this surface. See Remarks.

Return Values

Value Description
DD_OK The method succeeded.
DDERR_INVALIDOBJECT DirectDraw received a pointer that was an invalid DirectDraw object.
DDERR_INVALIDPARAMS One or more of the input parameters is invalid.
DDERR_SURFACELOST Access to this surface is being refused because the surface memory is gone. The DirectDrawSurface object representing this surface should have Restore called on it.


The callback function passed as lpEnumCallback must have the following syntax:

lpEnumSurfacesCallback(LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE lpDDSurface,
   LPDDSURFACEDESC pDDSurfaceDesc, LPVOID lpContext);

The lpDDSurface parameter points to the surface that is attached to this surface.

The lpDDSurfaceDesc parameter points to a DDSURFACEDESC structure that describes the attached surface.

The lpContext parameter contains the value that was passed in the lpContext parameter of EnumAttachedSurfaces.

The callback function should return one of the following values:

Value Description
DDENUMRET_OK Continue the enumeration.
DDENUMRET_CANCEL Stop the enumeration.

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