Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DirectMusic Structures

This section contains reference information for the following run-time structures used in DirectMusic.

Structure Description
DMUS_AUDIOPARAMS Describes required resources for the default synthesizer and buffers of a performance.
DMUS_BAND_PARAM Used to set and retrieve band parameters.
DMUS_BUFFERDESC Describes a buffer for the IDirectMusic8::CreateMusicBuffer method.
DMUS_CHORD_KEY Describes a chord in the IDirectMusicPerformance8::MIDIToMusic and IDirectMusicPerformance8::MusicToMIDI methods.
DMUS_CHORD_PARAM Used to set and retrieve chord parameters. Equivalent to DMUS_CHORD_KEY.
DMUS_CLOCKINFO8 Contains information about a clock enumerated by using the IDirectMusic8::EnumMasterClock method.
DMUS_COMMAND_PARAM Used to set and retrieve command track parameters.
DMUS_COMMAND_PARAM_2 Used to set and retrieve command track parameters with additional timing information.
DMUS_EVENTHEADER Describes an event in a port buffer.
DMUS_MUTE_PARAM Used to set and retrieve mute track parameters.
DMUS_NOTERANGE Specifies a range of notes that an instrument must respond to.
DMUS_OBJECTDESC Describe a loadable object.
DMUS_PLAY_MARKER_PARAM Contains information about a play marker.
DMUS_PORTCAPS Contains information about an enumerated port.
DMUS_PORTPARAMS8 Specifies parameters for the opening of a DirectMusic port.
DMUS_RHYTHM_PARAM Contains parameters for chord rhythm.
DMUS_SCRIPT_ERRORINFO Contains information about a script error.
DMUS_SUBCHORD Describes a subchord.
DMUS_SYNTHSTATS8 Describes the status of a synthesizer.
DMUS_TEMPO_PARAM Used to set and retrieve tempo track parameters.
DMUS_TIMESIGNATURE Contains information about a time signature in a style, style track, or time signature track.
DMUS_VALID_START_PARAM Used to retrieve valid start times from a marker track.
DMUS_VARIATIONS_PARAM Contains information about variations associated with channels.
DMUS_VERSION Contains version information for an object.
DMUS_WAVES_REVERB_PARAMS Contains information about reverberation effects on a DirectX 7.0 synthesizer.
KSPROPERTY Used by the IKsControl::KsProperty method to identify a property and operation.

Special categories of structures are contained in the following sections: