Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DLS Structures

This section contains reference information for structures used with Downloadable Sounds. Most applications do not need to use these structures, because DirectMusic handles the details of loading DLS collections and downloading instruments to the synthesizer. They are of interest chiefly for applications that edit DLS.

For an overview of using DLS data, see Low-Level DLS.

For more information on DLS data formats, see the specification from the MIDI Manufacturers Association.

The following structures are included in this section.

Structure Description
DMUS_ARTICPARAMS Describes parameters for a DLS articulation chunk.
DMUS_ARTICULATION Describes a DLS level 1 articulation chunk.
DMUS_ARTICULATION2 Describes a DLS level 1 or level 2 articulation chunk.
DMUS_COPYRIGHT Describes an optional copyright chunk in DLS data
DMUS_DOWNLOADINFO Used as a header for DLS data to be downloaded to a port.
DMUS_EXTENSIONCHUNK Describes a DLS extension chunk.
DMUS_INSTRUMENT Contains an instrument definition in a DLS download chunk.
DMUS_LFOPARAMS Defines the low-frequency oscillator for a DLS articulation chunk
DMUS_MSCPARAMS Defines the pan for a DLS articulation chunk.
DMUS_OFFSETTABLE Used in the header of DLS instrument data being downloaded to a port.
DMUS_PEGPARAMS Defines the pitch envelope for a DLS level 1 articulation chunk.
DMUS_REGION Defines a region for a DLS download.
DMUS_VEGPARAMS Defines a volume envelope for a DLS level 1 articulation chunk.
DMUS_WAVE Defines a wave chunk for a DLS download.
DMUS_WAVEARTDL Contains information for downloading waveform articulation.
DMUS_WAVEDATA Contains a data chunk for a DLS waveform download.
DMUS_WAVEDL ontains information about waveform data downloaded to the synthesizer