Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The DMUS_BAND_PARAM structure is used as the pParam parameter in calls to the various get-parameter and set-parameter methods when the track is a band track and rguidType is GUID_BandParam.


typedef struct _DMUS_BAND_PARAM {
  MUSIC_TIME mtTimePhysical;
  IDirectMusicBand *pBand;



Actual time at which the band change will be made. See Remarks.


Address of the IDirectMusicBand8 interface of the band. When this structure is retrieved by a GetParam call, a reference to the band object is added. The application is responsible for releasing this reference.


The value in mtTimePhysical is the actual time at which the band change will be made, whereas the value in the mtTime parameter of the set-parameter method is the point in the performance where the change belongs, for example, synchronized with a beat or measure. You can set mtTimePhysical to a time slightly before mtTime to ensure that notes are always played by the correct band, even when a band change is made at the start of a loop.

If the track is a clock-time track, mtTimePhysical is interpreted in the track's internal time format. This is the number of milliseconds after the beginning of playback. Because this can be confusing, it is recommended that GUID_BandParam not be used with clock-time tracks.


  Header: Declared in dmusici.h.

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