Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The DMUS_WAVES_REVERB_PARAMS structure contains information about reverberation effects in the Microsoft software synthesizer provided with DirectX 7.0.


typedef struct _DMUS_WAVES_REVERB_PARAMS {
  float  fInGain;
  float  fReverbMix;
  float  fReverbTime;
  float  fHighFreqRTRatio;



Input gain, in decibels. The default value is 0.


Reverb mix, in decibels. A value of 0 means 100 percent wet reverb (no direct signal). Negative values give a drier signal. The coefficients are calculated so that the overall output level stays approximately constant, regardless of the amount of reverb mix. The default value is –10.0.


Reverb decay time, in milliseconds. The default value is 1000.


Ratio of the high frequencies to the global reverb time. Unless a very bright reverb is wanted, this should be set to a value less than 1. For example, if fReverbTime is 1000 ms and dHighFreqRTRatio is 0.1, the decay time for high frequencies is 100 ms. The default value is 0.001.


The TrueVerb reverberation technology from Waves is licensed to Microsoft as the SimpleVerb implementation for use in the Microsoft software synthesizer.

In DirectX 8.0 and later, music reverberation is handled by a DMO. For more information, see Waves Reverberation.


  Header: Declared in dmusicc.h.

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