Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DirectMusic Sample Framework

The core functionality for the DirectMusic samples is in a common set of classes, declared in Dmutil.h and implemented in Dmutil.cpp. In addition, some of the samples make use of the DirectSound classes declared in Dsutil.h and implemented in Dsutil.cpp.

These files are found in the following folders:

(SDK root)\samples\C++\Common\Include
(SDK root)\samples\C++\Common\Src

To use the sample framework, your project must link to Dxerr9.lib and Winmm.lib

The framework classes provide basic functionality for the samples, and you can use them as a starting-point for your own applications. However, they are not intended to be a full-featured wrapper for the DirectMusic API.

The following classes are used in the samples:

Class Description
CMusicManager Sample Class Contains methods for loading and creating objects, creating the performance, and managing memory.
CMusicScript Sample Class Represents a script, and contains methods for getting and setting variables and calling routines.
C3DMusicSegment Sample Class Represents a segment playing on a 3-D audiopath. Inherits from CMusicSegment.
CMusicSegment Sample Class Represents a segment, and contains methods for downloading and unloading instruments, playing and stopping the segment, and retrieving a style from the segment.

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