Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DirectMusic C++ Samples

The sample applications described in this section demonstrate the use and capabilities of the Microsoft® DirectMusic® application programming interface (API) in Microsoft® DirectX® for C++.

The following samples are found on the Start menu under Programs/Microsoft DirectX 9.0 SDK/C++ Samples/DirectMusic Samples.

The source code is in the following folder, where SDK root is the installation folder for the DirectX SDK, such as C:\DXSDK:

(SDK root)\samples\C++\DirectMusic

In addition to these samples, the source files for tutorial applications are contained in the following folder:

(SDK root)\samples\C++\DirectMusic\Tutorials

For more information, see DirectMusic C++ Tutorials.

The samples other than the tutorials use common source files that implement functions and classes for basic DirectMusic and DirectSound functionality and for general tasks such as finding digital media files. For more information, see DirectMusic Sample Framework.