Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DirectSound Sample Framework

The core functionality for the DirectSound samples is in a common set of classes, declared in Dsutil.h and implemented in Dsutil.cpp.

These files are found in the following folders:

(SDK root)\samples\C++\Common\Include
(SDK root)\samples\C++\Common\Src

To use the sample framework, your project must link to Dxerr9.lib and Winmm.lib.

The framework classes provide basic functionality for the samples, and you can use them as a starting-point for your own applications. However, they are not intended to be a full-featured wrapper for the DirectSound API.

The following classes are used in the samples:

Class Description
CSound Sample Class Represents a static buffer.
CSoundManager Sample Class Contains functionality for creating and initializing DirectSound, accessing the primary buffer, and creating secondary buffers.
CStreamingSound Sample Class Represents a sound in one or more streaming buffers.
CWaveFile Sample Class Used for reading from and writing to WAV files and reading from WAV resources or waveforms stored in memory.

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