Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Instructions - ps_3_0

This section contains reference information for the pixel shader version 3_0 instructions.

There are several types of pixel shader instructions, as shown in the table. Columns to the right mean the following:

Instruction Set

NameDescriptionInstruction slotsSetupArithmeticMacro-opsTextureFlow controlNew
absAbsolute value1x
addAdd two vectors1x
breakBreak out of a loop...endloop or rep...endrep block1xx
break_compConditionally break out of a loop...endloop or rep...endrep block, with a comparison3xx
break predBreak out of a loop...endloop or rep...endrep block, based on a predicate3xx
callCall a subroutine2xx
callnzCall a subroutine if a boolean register is not zero3x
callnz predCall a subroutine if a predicate register is not zero3xx
cmpCompare source to 01x
crsCross product2x
dcl_textureTypeDeclare the texture dimension for a sampler0x
dcl_usageDeclare the association between vertex shader output registers and pixel shader input registers.0xx
defDefine constants0x
defbDefine a Boolean constant0xx
defiDefine an integer constant0xx
dp2add2-D dot product and add2x
dp33-D dot product1x
dp44-D dot product1x
dsxRate of change in the x-direction2x
dsyRate of change in the y direction2x
elseBegin an else block1x
endifEnd an if...else block1x
endrepEnd of a repeat block2x
expFull precision 2x1x
frcFractional component1x
ifBegin an if block3xx
if compBegin an if block with a comparison3xx
if predBegin an if block with predication3xx
logFull precision log2(x)1x
lrpLinear interpolate2x
m3x23x2 multiply2x
m3x33x3 multiply3x
m3x43x4 multiply4x
m4x34x3 multiply3x
m4x44x4 multiply4x
madMultiply and add1x
nopNo operation1x
retEnd of a subroutine1x
rsqReciprocal square root1x
setpSet the predicate register1x
sincosSine and cosine8x
texkillKill pixel render2x
texldSample a texture1 + 3CUBEx
texldbTexture sampling with level of detail (LOD) bias from w-component6x
texldlTexture sampling with LOD from w-component2 + 3CUBExx
texlddTexture sampling with user-provided gradients3xx
texldpTexture sampling with projective divide by w-component3 + 1CUBEx


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