Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Handling Standard Peer-to-Peer Messages

This document describes how to handle Microsoft?DirectPlay?messaging for a normal member of a peer-to-peer session. It does not discuss messages that are specific to a host. For a discussion of host-related messaging, see Peer-to-Peer Host Messages. For a discussion of general messaging issues, see Handling DirectPlay Messaging.

Startup Messages

The host can set up a peer-to-peer session in two ways.

This section describes the messages you may receive when selecting and joining a session.

Messaging During Normal Game Play

During a game, you might receive any of the following messages.

Session Termination Messages

Sessions terminate for a variety of reasons. Typically, the session terminates when the host calls IDirectPlay8Peer::TerminateSession. If host migration is not permitted, the session terminates when the host calls IDirectPlay8Peer::Close or is involuntarily disconnected.

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