Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The Microsoft?DirectPlay® application programming interface (API) is the component of Microsoft DirectX?that enables you to write network applications such as multiplayer games. DirectPlay performs all of the hard work associated with connecting players, even those behind Network Address Translation (NAT) devices, and managing sessions. It allows you to create, find, and connect to multiplayer games. Once connected, DirectPlay enables you to send guaranteed or non-guaranteed messages to other players. A common framework for launching applications and in-game voice communications is also provided. In addition, DirectPlay provides support for Microsoft Windows?Powered Pocket PC 2002 and connectivity with DirectPlay 8.0 applications.

Information about DirectPlay is presented in the following sections.


What's New in DirectPlay. New features and functionality of this component in DirectX 9.0.

Basic Concepts in DirectPlay. An overview of what DirectPlay is and what it can do for your application, together with a first view of some key objects and the steps involved in creating a network application.

Peer-to-Peer Sessions. A guide to using the IDirectPlay8Peer interface for creating and managing peer-to-peer applications.

Client/Server Sessions. A guide to using the IDirectPlay8Client and IDirectPlay8Server interfaces for creating and managing client/server applications.

DirectPlay Lobby. A guide to using the IDirectPlay8LobbyClient and IDirectPlay8LobbiedApplication interfaces for setting up multiplayer games.

DirectPlay Voice. A guide to using the IDirectPlayVoiceClient and IDirectPlayVoiceServer interfaces for creating and managing voice sessions.

DirectPlay for Pocket PC 2002. Information about creating applications for the Pocket PC 2002.

Advanced Topics in DirectPlay. More advanced features of DirectPlay including addressing, NATs, callbacks, and multithreading.

DirectPlay C/C++ Tutorials. Step-by-step tutorials following sample code in the software development kit (SDK).

DirectPlay C++ Samples. A guide to the C/C++ sample applications in the SDK.

DirectPlay C/C++ Reference. Detailed information for the DirectPlay C++ API.

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