Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Visual Basic Objects

Microsoft® DirectShow® exposes a subset of its functionality to Microsoft® Visual Basic® applications.

Use the following objects to build and control filter graphs.

Object Description
FilgraphManager Builds and controls the filter graph.
IAMCollection Represents a collection of pins, filters, or media types.
IBasicAudio Supports the audio component of the filter graph.
IBasicVideo2 Supports the video component of the filter graph.
IFilterInfo Manages information about a filter.
IMediaEvent Contains methods for retrieving event notifications.
IMediaPosition Contains methods for seeking the filter graph and setting the playback rate.
IMediaTypeInfo Manages information about a media type.
IPinInfo Manages information about a pin on a filter.
IRegFilterInfo Represents filter information from the registry.
IVideoWindow Manages the window of a video renderer.