Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IVideoWindow Object

The IVideoWindow object manages the window of a video renderer. To use this object, declare a variable of type IVideoWindow and set it equal to the FilgraphManager object:

Dim mGraph As New FilgraphManager
Dim iVidWin As IVideoWindow
Set iVidWin = mGraph

The methods and properties of this object fail if the graph does not have a connected video renderer.


Include a reference in your project to "ActiveMovie control type library" (Quartz.dll).

The IVideoWindow object exposes the following properties and methods.

Property Description
AutoShow Specifies whether the video renderer automatically shows the video window when it receives video data.
BackgroundPalette Specifies whether the video window realizes its palette in the background.
BorderColor Sets or retrieves the color that appears around the edges of the destination rectangle.
Caption Sets or retrieves the window caption.
FullScreenMode Enables or disables full-screen mode.
Height Sets or retrieves the height of the video window.
Left Sets or retrieves the x-coordinate of the video window.
MessageDrain Sets or retrieves a window that receives mouse and keyboard messages from the video window.
Owner Sets or retrieves the parent window for the video window.
Top Sets or retrieves the y-coordinate of the video window.
Visible Shows or hides the video window.
Width Sets or retrieves the width of the video window.
WindowState Shows, hides, minimizes, or maximizes the video window.
WindowStyle Sets or retrieves the window style on the video window.
WindowStyleEx Sets or retrieves the extended window style on the video window.

Method Description
GetMaxIdealImageSize Retrieves the maximum ideal size for the video image.
GetMinIdealImageSize Retrieves the minimum ideal size for the video image.
GetRestorePosition Retrieves the restored window position.
GetWindowPosition Retrieves the position of the video window.
HideCursor Hides or shows the cursor.
IsCursorHidden Queries whether the cursor is hidden.
NotifyOwnerMessage Forwards a message to the video window.
SetWindowForeground Places the video window at the top of the Z order.
SetWindowPosition Sets the position of the video window.