Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IPinInfo Object

The IPinInfo object manages information about a pin on a filter. This object is a wrapper for a DirectShow pin object, because DirectShow pins are not Automation-compatible.


Include a reference in your project to "ActiveMovie control type library" (Quartz.dll).

The IPinInfo object exposes the following properties and methods.

Property Description
ConnectedTo Retrieves the pin to which this pin is connected, if any.
ConnectionMediaType Retrieves the media type for the current pin connection, if any.
Direction Retrieves the direction of the pin.
FilterInfo Retrieves the filter that owns this pin.
MediaTypes Retrieves a collection of the pin's preferred media types. 
Name Retrieves the name of the pin.
Pin Retrieves the pin associated with this object.
PinID Retrieves an identifier for the pin.

Method Description
Connect Connects this pin to another pin, using intermediate filters if needed.
ConnectDirect Connects this pin directly to another pin, without using intermediate filters.
ConnectWithType Connects this pin directly to another pin, using a specified media type.
Disconnect Disconnects this pin, if it is connected.
Render Builds a section of the filter graph to render data from this pin.