Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Interfaces for Video Rendering and Overlay

These interfaces support application control over video rendering. Note that some of these interfaces are now deprecated, because the Video Mixing Renderer filter provides superior rendering and overlay control.

Interface Description
IAMLine21Decoder Provides access to closed-captioned information and settings.
IAMOverlayFX Apply overlay effects to the video surface. (Deprecated.)
IAMVideoDecimationProperties Control how DirectShow scales a video image if the video window is smaller than the native size of the video. (Deprecated.)
IBasicVideo2 Set video properties.
IDDrawExclModeVideo Render video in Microsoft DirectDraw exclusive full-screen mode. (Deprecated.)
IDDrawExclModeVideoCallback Callback interface to receive notification about changes to the overlay position, size, and visibility. (Deprecated.)
IDirectDrawVideo Disable specified DirectDraw capabilities. (Deprecated.)
IDirectDrawMediaSample Access a DirectDraw surface allocated by the Overlay Mixer filter.(Deprecated.)
IMixerOCX Implemented on the Overlay Mixer. Enables windowless clients such as ActiveX® controls to get and set properties of the video rectangle and advise the filter of events.
IMixerOCXNotify Implemented by windowless clients and called by the Overlay Mixer to send notifications of events affecting the video display rectangle.
IMixerPinConfig2 Set video color controls on the Overlay Mixer filter when mixing multiple video streams. (Deprecated.)
IQualProp Query a video renderer for performance information.
IVideoWindow Set video window properties.
IVMRAspectRatioControl9, IVMRDeinterlaceControl9, IVMRFilterConfig9, IVMRImageCompositor9, IVMRImagePresenter9, IVMRImagePresenterConfig9, IVMRMixerBitmap9, IVMRMixerControl9, IVMRMonitorConfig9, IVMRSurface9, IVMRSurfaceAllocator9, IVMRSurfaceAllocatorNotify9, IVMRWindowlessControl9 Video Mixing Renderer 9 interfaces.
IVMRAspectRatioControl, IVMRDeinterlaceControl, IVMRFilterConfig, IVMRImageCompositor, IVMRImagePresenter, IVMRImagePresenterConfig, IVMRMixerBitmap, IVMRMixerControl, IVMRSurfaceAllocator, IVMRSurfaceAllocatorNotify, IVMRWindowlessControl Video Mixing Renderer 7 interfaces.

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