Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IVMRSurfaceAllocator9 Interface

The IVMRSurfaceAllocator9 interface is implemented by the default allocator-presenter for the Video Mixing Renderer Filter 9 (VMR-9). It must also be implemented by any plug-in allocator-presenter object that an application provides to the VMR-9. The VMR-9 uses the methods on this interface to allocate, prepare and free Direct3D surfaces. Applications do not use this interface.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IVMRSurfaceAllocator9 interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
AdviseNotify Called by the VMR to provide the allocator-presenter with an interface pointer for notification callbacks.
GetSurface Retrieves a Direct3D surface.
InitializeDevice Initializes the Direct3D device.
TerminateDevice Releases the Direct3D device.


Include D3d9.h, Vmr9.h.