Microsoft DirectX 9.0

AMTimelineTrack.SrcAdd Method

The SrcAdd method adds a source to the track.


    pSrc As AMTimelineObj



The AMTimelineObj object to add.

Error Codes

If the method fails, an error is raised, and Err.Number can be set to the following value:

Value Description
E_NOINTERFACE The object specified by pSrc is not a source object.


Set the source's start and stop times before calling this method. (Call the AMTimelineObj.SetStartStop method.)

Currently, DES cannot simultaneously render more than 75 sources that were compressed with Video Compression Manager (VCM) codecs. Also, if the project as a whole contains more than 75 such sources, you must use dynamic reconnection or DES cannot preview the project. For more information, see RenderEngine.SetDynamicReconnectLevel.

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