Microsoft DirectX 9.0

AMTimelineTrack Object

Provides methods for manipulating tracks in DirectShow Editing Services (DES).

A track contains a list of sources that are rendered in the final output. Sources within the same track may not overlap. Video tracks can have both effects and transitions. The render engine applies effects before it applies transitions. Audio tracks can have effects, but not transitions.

For more information, see The Timeline Model.

This object has the following methods.

Method Description
AreYouBlank Determines whether the track is blank (contains no source objects).
GetNextSrc Not supported for Visual Basic.
GetNextSrc2 Searches the track for the next source that appears at the specified time or later.
GetNextSrcEx Retrieves the next source after the specified source.
GetSourcesCount Retrieves the number of sources in the track.
GetSrcAtTime Not supported for Visual Basic.
GetSrcAtTime2 Retrieves the source object nearest to the specified time, according to specified boundary conditions.
InsertSpace Not supported in Visual Basic.
InsertSpace2 Splits any objects that exist at the specified time and inserts space between them.
MoveEverythingBy Not supported for Visual Basic.
MoveEverythingBy2 Not supported for Visual Basic.
SrcAdd Adds a source to the track.
ZeroBetween Not supported for Visual Basic.
ZeroBetween2 Removes everything from the track between the specified times.