Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Playback Controls

To retrieve and set the volume at which a buffer is played, your application can use the IDirectSoundBuffer8::GetVolume and IDirectSoundBuffer8::SetVolume methods. Setting the volume on the primary buffer changes the waveform-audio volume of the sound card. Volume is measured as hundredths of decibels (dB) of attenuation; it is not possible to amplify the default volume. Note that the decibel scale is not linear; a reduction in volume of 3 dB is equivalent to a halving of the sound energy, and sounds generally become inaudible long before the maximum attenuation of 100 dB is reached.

By calling the IDirectSoundBuffer8::GetFrequency and IDirectSoundBuffer8::SetFrequency methods, you can retrieve and set the frequency at which audio samples play. You cannot change the frequency of the primary buffer.

To retrieve and set the position of the sound source on the left-right axis, you can call the IDirectSoundBuffer8::GetPan and IDirectSoundBuffer8::SetPan methods. Buffers with 3-D capabilities cannot be panned.

In order to use any of these controls, you must set the appropriate flags when creating the buffer. See Buffer Control Options.