Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Multimedia Streaming Structures

The Microsoft DirectDraw interfaces that are exposed through the multimedia streaming APIs use the following structures.

Structure Description
DDBLTBATCH This structure is used to pass blit operations to the BltBatch method.
DDBLTFX This structure is used to pass raster ops, effects, and override information to the Blt method. It is also part of the DDBLTBATCH structure used with the BltBatch method.
DDCAPS This structure represents the capabilities of the hardware exposed through the DirectDraw object. It contains a DDSCAPS structure which is used in this context to describe what kinds of DirectDrawSurfaces can be created. It may not be possible to simultaneously create all of the surfaces described by these capabilities.
DDCOLORKEY This structure is used to describe a source or destination color key or color space. A color key is specified if the low and high range values are the same.
DDMODEDESC This structure is returned to the EnumModes method to describe the mode that can be created including the monitor frequency and monitor configuration flags.
DDOVERLAYFX This structure is used to pass override information to UpdateOverlay.
DDPIXELFORMAT This structure describes the pixel format of a DirectDrawSurface object.
DDSCAPS This structure defines the capabilities of DirectDrawSurfaces. It is part of the DDCAPS structure which is used to describe the capabilities of the DirectDraw object.
DDSURFACEDESC The structure is passed to CreateSurface to describe the surface that should be created. The relevant members differ for each type of surface being created.

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