Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Multimedia Streaming Interfaces

This section contains reference entries for all the multimedia streaming interfaces and their methods, including those that Microsoft DirectShow supports. For convenience, this section also includes documentation on the IDirectDraw and IDirectDrawSurface interfaces that are exposed through other multimedia streaming interfaces.

Interface Description
IAMMediaStream Handles the internal connections between DirectShow filters and filter graphs in applications that use multimedia streaming.
IAMMediaTypeSample Contains methods for manipulating stream samples with arbitrary media types.
IAMMediaTypeStream Contains methods for creating multimedia streams with arbitrary media types.
IAMMultiMediaStream Exposes DirectShow functionality to multimedia stream developers.
IAudioData Provides methods that enable applications to set and get the underlying audio data that audio streams will reference.
IAudioMediaStream Controls audio media streams by providing methods that set and get the stream's format.
IAudioStreamSample Retrieves information from the underlying IAudioData data objects.
IDirectDraw Controls DirectDraw objects.
IDirectDrawClipper Provides methods to control a DirectDrawClipper object.
IDirectDrawMediaStream Controls media streams that appear on Microsoft® DirectDraw® surfaces.
IDirectDrawPalette Provides methods to control a DirectDrawPalette object.
IDirectDrawStreamSample Provides methods that set and retrieve pointers to the DirectDraw surface associated with the current stream sample.
IDirectDrawSurface Controls DirectDrawSurface objects.
IMediaStream Provides access to the characteristics of a media stream, such as the stream's media type and purpose ID. It also has methods that create data samples.
IMediaStreamFilter Supported by the Media Stream filter, which is used internally by the multimedia stream object. .
IMemoryData Contains methods that set and retrieve memory data on audio data objects.
IMultiMediaStream Provides methods that control a multimedia stream and provide access to its underlying media streams.
IStreamSample Provides control over the behavior of stream samples.