Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IDirectDrawClipper Interface

Clip lists are managed by DirectDraw using the DirectDrawClipper object. A clipper can be attached to any surface. A window handle can also be attached to a clipper, in which case DirectDraw will update the clipper's clip list with the clip list for the window as it changes.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IDirectDrawClipper interface contains the following methods.

Method Description
GetClipList Returns a copy of the clip list associated with a clipper.
GetHWnd Returns the hWnd previously associated with this clipper using the SetHWnd method.
Initialize Initializes a clipper.
IsClipListChanged If a window handle is associated with a clipper, this method can be used to monitor the status of the clip list.
SetClipList Sets or deletes the clip list.
SetHWnd Sets the HWnd that will be used to obtain clipping information.